Trump doubles down: Vote for Democrats is vote against Israel
Published: 21.08.19, 20:35
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1. This MF is using Israel as his loin cloth, Israel is NOT his
loin cloth.
The State of Israel is ours and only we, our husbands, our sons and daughters stand in her defense.
If anyone should be allowed to use her as their loin cloth it is us, our husbands, our sons and our daughters.
This MF and his ally the current Prime Minister of the State of Israel need to be voted out of office.
With G-d's help we will do this...with G-d's help only we who truly love the State of Israel will be victorious.
2. 1st Amendment Right: I do not agree with some of my...
American-Jewish brethren but I will defend to the death their right to say what they believe in!
POTUS 45 is 100% WRONG!
3. A vote for the Democrats is a vote for Rashida Tlaib
David ,   New york   (08.21.19)
And Ilhan Omar and Ocasio-Cortez and for all leftist antisemites.
Anyone who denies that the Democratic Party isn’t anti-Israel is living in an alternative universe
4. It is not just because of Israel
Gene   (08.21.19)
Omar and Tlaib are disgrace for the Democratic party. Democrats must expel them from the party if they want to maintain any credibility
5. Ptesident Trump has more Jewish grandkids than the average
Al   (08.21.19)
American Jew.

Trump is 100% right.

Most American Jews are clueless as to Jewish history.
6. Every word out of his mouth is a pearl of truth & wisdom!
7. Thoughts on Trump's statement
Proud Israeli   (08.21.19)
American jews have every right to vote for whoever they want. No one can deny them that. But if we are being truthful, the Democratic party has strayed away and is becoming more and more critical if Israel. Not everyone in the party is this way but it takes a few voices to capture the cameras.
The Republican party is supportive of Israel and for our sake, it is best if they are in power. We don't need to all believe in the same religion, if you are zionist, israeli or Jewish by ethnicity or religion, then we can agree that a Republican president makes Israel safer.
As for Bernie Sanders, I very much respect him for being consistent in his policies his entire life and while I disagree with him, I can't hate him and just hope he can see that Israel is a brilliant small state that has introduced magnificent discoveries to the world.
8. Can’t Dems come up with something other than a personal
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (08.22.19)
attack on Trump?
After Obummers UNSC resolution that Jews have no connection to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount I guess not and it’s hard to understand why any Jew would remain loyal to a party that is prepared to attack anyone that criticizes the 2 Islamic congress woman who are antisemites and advocate BDS against the Jews of Israel
9. American Jews are Democrats and they love Israel!!!
Mark Jeffery Koch ,   Mount Laurel, NJ USA   (08.21.19)
Tarring and feathering the entire Democratic Party because of the anti-semitism of two Congresswomen is disgusting. For all those who defend the unfit to be President demagogue try doing some research before you spew forth lies. Every single Jewish Senator and Congressman or woman has voted in favor of every single bill for the State of Israel. Out of 435 Congressman only 17 voted against the BDS bill. 95% of Democrats voted for condemning BDS.

The fools who engage in these slurs need to do their homework. There are far more anti-semities in the Republican Party.

Trump will lose in 2020 and there will be a reckoning for all those who gave him blind support. Netanyahu is causing great damage to Israel and to the Diaspora. Jewish Democrats overwhelming support Israel. Always have. Always will. Debasing them and putting all your eggs in the Republican basket, a number of whom only support Israel because they feel that once armagadon comes the Jews will accept Jesus is beyond stupid.

My American Jewish friends and I love Israel and we also are proud Democrats. Don't allow any madman to come between Israel and the Jewish people.

10. The ever so brutal honesty of Trump
Cameron   (08.22.19)
He is in no one's pocket & pulls back no punch.

The man makes clear he has no patience for and despises Jews of liberal stamp just as much as they have always made extremely clear they hate and despise him.

Trump does not shy away from calling out his enemies and more than willing to speak as to the very nature of their faults & shortcomings.
11. Leftist Media” forgot” Omar accused the Jews of dual loyalty
LeftistAmnesia ,   Jerusalem   (08.22.19)
Saying “ the Benjamins”( the Jews) had bought the Congress yes
Bury it media or try to ..deranged self destructive Post Zionist Israel
Media . Make no mistake the next elections are for the Jewish Souk of the nation nothing less ..
12. Anti-semitism
is rising under Trump, the worst massacre since the Holocaust in Diaspora and many feel his rhetoric fueled it. He betrayed every Ametican Jew, and I Pray the polls show just how much. America is fighting for its Soul, and Jews their lives. His antisemitic lies and propaganda are pushing Jews farther away. The Christian Zionists can have him, and Netanyahu. Thanks to both of them, Israel is no longer bi-partisan.

13. Well Trump is right again!
Aviv ,   בית דגן   (08.22.19)
14. Some behaviour of Donald Trump.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (08.22.19)
His meetings with Kim young un and the move of the US embassy in Israel, from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, is a very good decision. If the American people vote for Trump in a majority, in a free and fair election, in 2020,then we have to accept this, as the will of the American people and as American business.
15. Bless him for telling the truth!!
tiki ,   belgium   (08.22.19)
EDEN   (08.23.19)
17. May he chock on the pollution his words create!
CONFUCIUS ,   SAFED CHINA   (08.23.19)
"Nobody enjoys hearing the truth...." ( And President Trump speaks the truth )
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