Trump's 'disloyal' jab may boost base, not Jews
Published: 22.08.19, 08:44
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1. Trump's discourse generating real hatred for Jews in US
kms ,   Jerusalem   (08.22.19)
2. Trump is 100% correct..best pro Israel president ever
Al   (08.22.19)
3. Trump is 100% RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.22.19)
4. Americas anti-Israel Jews are ONE BIG DISGRACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.22.19)
5. Indeed, since brain transplants aren't feasible at this time
6. Pew Report “ 42% of US Jews Trump favors Israel too much !
WithFriendsLikeThese ,   Jerusalem   (08.22.19)
While only 26% of US Non Jews do ....almost half of all US Jews say Trump favors the Jewish Homeland too much ...
7. No doubt,Americans' hatred 4 Trump will boomerang on Jews
999 ,   New York   (08.22.19)
and Israel
8. No second coming.
Gerald Itzkowitz ,   Netanya   (08.22.19)
In Judaism there is no second coming because the Holey One is everywhere. Moreover, in the Torah , when Moses questions G-d on how he should
approach the Egyptian King, he is told: Tell him that the Children of Israel are My Oldest Child. Since, when G-d answered Moses's request to see him by saying he would show his back but no man can see his face and live, these comments may be interpreted as follows: Since G-d has no physical form his back has the only interpretation as the "past history" and his face is the "future history". The reason Man cannot see his face is because the future involves every possible extension of the present time that can occur because of the future choices of every human when a decision must be made. G=d is not a man who can be surprised and aggravated by wrong decisions that are often called sins.In any event it is clear that the mental burden of seeing all possible futures would destroy a persons life.
9. Great article, great line.
"Jews don’t believe in a second coming of God. Evangelicals, however, do."


A Christian here.
So my brain was still caught in the "Wait a moment...?"-mode. ;)

IHMO different religions are a 'tailored service' for humanity. For each one to choose the pictures and words to be at home best with. ...SInce we humans are too small to understand the full extent of the (benign) Absolute, anyway.

(... And then enter the politicians, trying to use that as wedge issues.
- I wonder what President Trump believes in...?)
10. For a man that said ,,
Jude's F ,   Ill   (08.23.19)
"All I want is little Jews wearing yarmulkes counting my money", the Jews get what they paid for.
11. There'll be a Second Coming of Benevolent Trump in 2020!
12. There is only the chosen one Trump
In Trump we trust to offer ua up as his sacrificial cannon fodder.
Shall we serve Trump the Chosen?
Or shall we tell him to find a corner and grow hair on tiny hands?
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