Palestinians to get half-billion dollars from Israel in new tax deal
News Agencies
Published: 22.08.19, 19:07
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1. The Ramallah thugs are running circles around “clever” Jews!
2. What's the difference which pocket pays for terrorists?
Sam ,   Montreal   (08.22.19)
Palestinians will use the money to incite the young to become knife stabbers. drive-bye shooters and car-rammers. It's Israeli leaders' duty to prevent terrorism not abet it.
3. They murder us. We give them goodies
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.22.19)
"Palestinians" maim, murder and harm Jews every chance they get. Israel insanely responds by showering them with goodies. There is a good reason no other state, in human history, has done what Israel is doing. It is insane!

4. Obviously some of that money makes it back into Israeli
pockets, since it makes no sense otherwise.....
It must be a "kombina" of sorts, you know: the stuff our economy is made of!
5. It is really a "crazy" world we live in .....
barbara ,   Haifa   (08.23.19)
6. WTF
Michael ,   DC   (08.22.19)
We are literally paying the people who want to kill us and destroy Israel. This makes no sense. Everyone says Jews are supposed to be so smart.
7. If I wouLD fund these terrorists I would be in jail.
8. bibi-now you know why people say you are neville chamberlain
morto   (08.23.19)
you permit half a billion to go to sinwar and haniyeh in return for quiet and a few Israelis bludgeoned give or take. What a weakling!!

your wife is stronger than you are.
9. Misleading headline
Daoud G Kuttab   (08.25.19)
Your headline is misleading. this is Palestinian money not Israeli charity
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