AG to allow local authorities to hold gender segregated events
Tova Tzimuki
Published: 22.08.19, 21:48
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1. Religious freedom vs those who "know better", that's what it
boils down to.
I personally am intensely ant-deity of any/every kind, but must acknowledge, that until we discover that there's absolutely no Wizard behind the curtain, we must allow for the "weaker minded" segment of population to indulge in their perceived, brain-dead adulation of said deity.
If they want to do it segregated or wearing purple wigs is of no concern of mine.
2. I wonder: if it wasn't for this sex-thing, we haven't got
much in common with the women-folk, like :seriously!?
I am speaking as lifetime married husband & father, secular and sane.
Women are a dangerous enigma and are best kept away from the much weaker males!
3. How do you prevent people that insist on walking on their
hands from doing so, if that’s their pronounced wish???!
Why should you prevent them from doing that, as long as they don’t harm others?
The reality of today’s Israel is such, that this particular form of getting about is becoming more popular each day....
4. this makes me sad.
5. Disgusting! Any segregation hurts women
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (08.23.19)
It's ALWAYS the women who are treated like vermin in the religious sector. This should never be allowed, not only in their community but also outside. Let's change the name of our country to Iran.
6. King David's time
Jez ,   Netanya   (08.24.19)
Slowly but surely we are sliding backwards. That is what Me Netanyahus natural partners dictate. Soon the like of Smotrich will have their way. If you vote likud you in effect vote Haredi and the days of king David
7. Funny, seeing how males&females are losing their bearings
under massive minority, LGBT frontal attack on "norms" (as they prefer to see them) the 'sliding back" (to King David's time, as one amused TB-er writes, is only a natural "pendulum swing"...
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