Report: U.S. officials say Israel struck Iranian weapons depot in Iraq
Ynet, Reuters
Published: 23.08.19, 10:15
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1. Why bother when the true enemy is close to home?
TEL EM STRAIGHT ,   SAFED   (08.23.19)
The true enemy of Israel is in Ramallah ,not in Iraq nor in Iran ,which is an obsession of netanyahus' .
2. "American soldiers serving in Iraq."
America's useless adventure failed, Porky. Americans shouldn't be in Iraq at all, they will never bring "peace" to the fueding islamic tribes. They would be better off at home, protecting schools and public areas against gun toting lunatics.
3. mitzva
C   (08.23.19)
to destroy the enemy or the enemy's ability to wage war against
the jewish people is a commandment and a mitzva.
4. With friends like the New York Times.....
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.23.19)
That person who 'isn't authorized to speak' gave away confidential military information. So he's breaking security regulations and the NYT doesn't identify the person, so we have absolutely no way to know if the NYT is just making up the whole thing.

How would the USA like it if someone in Israel, not authorized to speak, announced that the USA was responsible for the unrest in Hong Kong? See how that works?

The NYT does no service to anyone by printing such bilge. In fact, it just enflames everyone. Is this the only way it can retain readers??

5. Iraqi government
Ardeth Bey ,   US   (08.24.19)
The Iraqi government says it is not taking sides. That is not really the case when Iran is establishing bases there, one of which Israel destroyed.
The other weird thing about the media is, they keep saying (as does this Article) that tensions are increasing between Washington and Tehran! This same rhetoric has been written over so many times, that this so called 'tension' should have exploded months ago. How far does 'tension' increase and keep increasing and yet this so called 'increasing tension' just keeps growing. Again, how far does it increase???
6. US should shut up about special operations
barry   (08.23.19)
usa had to shut up about ascribing responsibility to israel of particular actions. ji say to shut up because doesn't have the courage to tell usa to shut up.
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