Israel reportedly arrests 3 Palestinians as part of manhunt for teen's killers
Yishai Porat, Adir Yyanko, Liad Osmo
Published: 24.08.19, 12:06
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1. Terrorists are trying to provoke Israel into mass punishment
Alan ,   SA   (08.24.19)
So dont clamp down on the population. BUT ,BUT, BUT it is really time to do a few targetted assassinations on those who send these trash
2. Perhaps IDF needs also to daily inspect hiking areas or
barbara ,   Haifa   (08.24.19)
at least sporadically check such areas. Don't understand why we give the
Palestinians freedom of movement, if only to take advantage of this freedom
to kill.
3. Any occupation anywhere causes resistance...
TheWall   (08.25.19)
..therefore Israel should blame itself for any act of resistance which results in casualties. Israel calls it "terrorism". People living in the occupied territories are THE Victims of occupation. That includes the settlers too, without them realising that.
The rabbi with his children who decided to do a leisurely trip to the west bank is obviously a total fool believing that the occupied territories are part of Israel. It was true 2000 yrs ago perhaps. 2000 years passed since then, 2000 years jews lived anywhere BUT Palestine, except a small number of them. European jews, Indian jews, Moroccan jews...ALL jews are not the Judeans from 2000 years ago. Absolutely NO connection between them. ALL jews today are a mix of nationalities. Palestine belongs to those who lived CONTINUOUSLY there for at least 500 years, The Arabs, Druze...etc.
Jews should stop believing in biblical fairy tales, and accept the reality.
Palestine is not for jews only anymore, and never was. Palestine is for TWO people - ARABS and Jews.
Today Israel is only 65% jewish. Down from 85% 50 yrs ago.
Nothing can stop the process. In 20 yrs jews will be HALF of population of Israel. So the zionist experiment has totally FAILED.
4. Suggestion.
Gabe ,   Canada   (08.25.19)
A new settlement should be created and named Rina.
5. It's all pointless: they'll be caught and we know the rest.
With our otherwise excellent, but "cautious" PM, we shall never exit that euphemistic "Circle of Violence" (meaning: Israelis being murdered by Arabs).
I do have a few ideas for the upcoming election, do you?
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