IDF: Israel foiled Iranian drone attack planned from Syria soil
Yoav Zitun, Daniel Salami and AP
Published: 25.08.19, 09:00
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1. As an Israeli, I don't like the feeling of being a sitting
target, waiting for the enemy to make a move, then rely on luck AND IDF to foil these attacks.
Does anyone in our government remember what ACTIVE means?
2. patience is a formidable weapon
C   (08.25.19)
the shia terrorists were taking their time to prepare their plan to cause
major terror attacks on northern israel.what they did not know is that at
the same time the israel defence forces and intelligence agancies
were watching their every move and preparing to pounce when
the shia terrorists were about to strike.

the qustion of course is what legal authority does iran have to
wage war against the jewish state. never has israel threatened iran
or wage war against iran.
hence, the war that iran wages against israel is a war of aggression,
an illegal, a war crime in accordance to the nuremberg laws.

one day, the europeans will wake up and realise that not far from
their shores, their continent, a hitlerite regime plans a total war.
3. To Israeli :
TEL EM STRAIGHT ,   SAFED   (08.25.19)
Do you not realize and understand that Netanyahu also does not want you to be sitting target ,which is why yesterday's attack took place ,or is that too hard for you to understand ?? why are you moaning and complaining when the Government WAS and IS active ??
4. How is it so much attention in North+so little in South?
Sam ,   Montreal   (08.25.19)
Are the lives of Israelis worth more in the North? Bibi not afraid to fight in North
where there are Syrians, Iranians and Hezbollah yet afraid of Hamas and Islamic Jihad in South.
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