Peretz's mustache stunt will come back to bite him
Einav Schiff
Published: 26.08.19, 19:50
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1. Peretz should have been bounced out of the government...
Truth ,   Truthville   (08.27.19)
forever following Lebanon 2.0. Peretz is a Labor clown. A relic of the past. How he ever became Defense Minister is a testament to failure of parliamentary politics in general and the Israeli government in particular.
2. An article about nothing
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.27.19)
3. With or without mustache, he's just an ex-Labor hack with 0
charisma, fantasy or any appeal for today's Israelis.
This may have been his last "claim to fame".
Lucky for him: he can always grow it back.
4. Gosh! Do you think the mustache will come back 2 haunt?
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