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Israel is taking Hezbollah seriously
Alex Fishman
Published: 26.08.19, 23:50
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1. Take the war to their home
Lucy ,   Malibu   (08.27.19)
I believe that if Israel made it clear to the crazies in Tehran
That they don’t get to dictate the location and boundaries of this conflict
By delivering a clear msg that any attack emanating from Lebanon, Syria or Hamas any of it's proxies will result In an attack on Tehran and its oil facilities.
It isn't secret anymore that Israel can fly undetected in Iran.
2. Don't u just love it when...
Prime Minister Netanyahu elevates some skanky fool to "let's take him/her/it serious" status?
I mean really...look what he's done for Sheik Ahmed Yassin, for HAMAS, for BDS, the four USA Congresswomen and the producers of the movie about the murdered boys!
He's elevated them to "let's take them serious" status...and Lo! and behold they have officially become mighty and powerful enemies of the State of Israel...just because the Prime Minister says so!

Really, it is time to vote this incompetent person OUT of office!
3. 17 March 1992: Israeli Embassy Buenos Aires...
That would be the precise date on which Nasrallah became serious. Therefore as usual PM Netanyahu is running late.
Wow! he's running 27 years late.
Both Nasrallah & Netanyahu are way past their freshness date.
Let's get rid of Nasrallah NOW.
AND IF Netanyahu isn't upfor the job let's vote him out of office.
4. "Iran's patience running out"???
Truth ,   Truthville   (08.27.19)
Laugh out freaking loud!!!

Whose patience, Ynet? Iran's? Iran is a clown show looking for a circus. That country has been drawing Jewish blood since the Shaw fell and Israel has largely sucked it up in terms of the 20-year Lebanon debacle and countless missile attacks into Israel from South Lebanon let alone all the terror attacks in Israel and abroad.

If anyone has an axe to grind, it is Israel, and the time is getting real close whereby Israel is going to wield that axe.

We're sick of it and OUR patience has run out!
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