Trump says ready to meet Iranian president to solve nuclear impasse
Published: 26.08.19, 20:23
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1. G7 more concerned about their Business Rights than Iranian
Alan ,   SA   (08.26.19)
Citizens Human Rights. The people there are hanged, imprisoned, women made to cover-up.The population cant say a word against the Mullahs or anyone in power. '. Pres Trump says NO to regime change.EU only straining at the leash to do business with that Hell Hole.State.
2. Trump has just beech slapped Netanyahu! (some friend!)
3. buckling under pressure
ed   (08.26.19)
as things are heating up, bibi reverts to form buckling under pressure. please, world, you handle iran as i am scared.He emboldens israel's enemies.

What a coward!
4. The big dog amongst the lesser pups
Cameron   (08.27.19)
Once again setting Europeans straight that the US is the first and last word around policy and direction concerning Persian & Gulf affairs.

Quite rightly he told the Persian lackey Macron slipped into the meeting to get lost until the Persians were finally ready to begin meeting Trump's demands

The Boss in command at the G7.
5. Alan at 1: NewsFLASH! Trump is concerned w/the same thing!
6. oh my!
Did Trump just sell Netanyahu and also his/their patronim (godparents) the Adelsons down the river?
What will be with Trump, "The Chosen One King of Israel" now?
7. there is something about Macron's effect on old people!
So since Trump is on board does that mean that the Adelsons and the Netanyahus are on board too?!
Or are these Jews being sold cheap down the river!
8. Trump is playing Iran like a fiddle
Jake   (08.27.19)
9. Trying not to be arrogant, but realistic.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (08.27.19)
Donald Trump is not a world president/president of the world. He also is not the president of the United Nations. He is a US/American president, since 2017. America first/the United States first. Let us make America/The United States great again. Do we still remember?
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (08.27.19)
Let us not forget that it was France that housed the evil head mullah for years before they flew him gloriously to Tehran and got their automotive industry jump started in Iran right away. The French boy wants to sell more cars and planes and that is all he cares for. Rouhani and his mullahs love the sanctions since they make great money in the black market of Iran. Sanctions only hurts the poor more and more.
11. My Man Donald is so good at creating these non-events,
getting everybody's knickers in knots, then simply walking away...
He IS that child in H.C. Andersen's "Emperor's New Clothes"!
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