There is no magic solution for the Gaza Strip
Michael Milshtein
Published: 28.08.19, 23:36
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1. All mighty Trump & his deal of the century r the answer!
After all he's "The Chosen One" and "The King of Israel" sadly at the moment he's busy with MAZARs, Deutsche Bank and FATCA compliance forms...we'll just have to wait until "The Book of Trump" is written and then we'll have all the answers....yep,alas, Israel's Chosen One is just too busy AVOIDING the USA IRS!
(remember it was the IRS that took Al Capone down!)
2. Anyone invoking "magic' is lying about the basics!
3. Israel will again fake an event to justify punishment.
NYC   (08.29.19)
You again will have your heartstrings pulled by something called public theatre performed by a cast of crisis actors and at that point Israel will be able to do almost anything it wants. All part of the game.
4. Jewish cruelty= cause- Palestinian militancy= effect
Mark ,   Montreal   (08.29.19)
5. Just do the job Bibi, stop whining about "complexity"!
6. Lets ask- What do WE want
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (08.29.19)
1.ONE Palestinian State in TWO entities Gaza and West Bank connected by a motorway cutting through Israel?
2.TWO Palestinian States - Palestine A in Gaza and Palestine B in West Bank?
3.Perpetual conflict with Israel that might last another HUNDRED years with UNWRA funding gradually drying out?
4.West Bank federated with Jordan and Gaza federated with Egypt?

5.A SINGLE UNFIFIED CONTIGUOUS and SOVEREIGN Palestine as envisaged in the 1999 Palestinian PEG Plan..A Palestine in an expanded Gaza created from land transfers, purchases and exchanges, a territory the size of Lebanon alongside Israel and Egypt within mutually secure borders WHICH BY EVERY MEASURE would provide the best opportunities for a bright and prosperous future?
7. The horrors began AFTER Israel's mad Gaza retreat
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.30.19)
When did Hamas place thousands of rockets in Gaza? When did the serious terror attacks against Israel, from Gaza, begin? When did the never ending wars from Gaza begin? When did the launch of incendiary balloons from Gaza begin?

The obvious answer is that ALL these horrors began AFTER Israel's mad retreat from Gaza. These horrors are direct results of our mad retreat. The only real answer is to reverse the mad retreat. Retake our lands, we foolishly abandoned, and rebuild Gush Katif bigger and better than ever!
8. There is a magic solution....."We renounce terror."
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.30.19)
With those three simple words, Hamas COULD usher in an era of peace and prosperity for Gaza and southern Israel.

Development in Gaza, real unrestricted commerce between Gaza and Israel, no travel restrictions.

Hamas has it within its power to immediately bring peace and prosperity to Gaza.

9. there's always hope
barry ,   North Providence   (08.31.19)
though Hamas and perhaps the Israeli leadership have no real interest in a settlement at this time beyond total surrender of the other, what still gives hope is that it is in the actual self-interest of almost all the people in the region to compromise and settle. This is especially true for Gazans who mostly live under harsh conditions, but Israelis too would e better off with a deal that truly ended the firebombs, rockets, tunnels, hatred, and risk of true devastation. With the climate and valuable Mediterranean coastline, and the talent and energy of all the people directed positively,there can even be prosperity.
10. Foolish article, repeating foolish attitude that's been
pushed down our throats for years now.
Fortunately people are getting fed up& wise.
Not a moment too soon!
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