U.S.: No peace plan before September 17 elections in Israel
Published: 28.08.19, 19:16
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1. He got busy with his Deutsche Bank Accts & his FATCA forms
He won't be doing much of anything else now!
2. Trump is busy with his taxes in USA court
Deutsche Bank,
FATCA forms,
tax returns,
loans guaranteed by foreign governments (Russia & Saudi Arabia)
loans guaranteed by Oligarchs (Russians)

Just remember Al Capone was taken down by the mighty, mighty USA-Internal Revenue Service!
Get your popcorn ready...when this completely breaks open the news will be way hotter and better than any reality tv show you've EVER watched
3. America 1st! then MAZARs then Deutsche Bank! book'em Dano!
4. Late PM Shamir said it best: "Piss plan? What piss plan?!"
5. rumored deal increased Pal determination to liberate country
kms ,   Jerusalem   (08.28.19)
6. who to vote for
jay   (08.28.19)
there is no way, no way at all for me to vote for gantz, lapid and yaalon. Gantz's role in protective edge was poor-he was not the fighting general that Israel needs. lapid is an arrogant ignoramus who thinks he knows-yes-he absorbed olmert's white flag concession surrender program. yaalon talks big but did not deliver. he also did a lousy job in protective edge. yes it is on him.

bibi is the best political operator in Israel. he does have weaknesses when the going gets tough. that said, he is much better than gantz and lapid.

in any case, my vote goes to bennett in a coalition with likud and others.

gantz would be a drag on Israel with withdrawal from parts of west bank. i cannot ever vote for him period.

Israelis cannot afford to vote for neville chamberlain types or misguided generals under olmert in the Hezbollah war. it has to vote for tough minded leaders who will protect the country no matter what, even from Russia if that came to be.

vote for Bennett and shaked
7. Psychiatrists are speaking out about his mental state.
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.29.19)
It seems to be serious judging by the constantly increasing number of articles on this subject currently in the USA. Also, Trump's performance is judged more and more negatively in the often published public opinion polls now. Decision-makers in Israel ought to be advised to be very cautious in accepting whatever comes out from this President these days.
8. They are not truthful
Mohd ,   Emawas   (08.29.19)
US administration are not serious about peace.
If they were they should release the plan sooner than later.
Just for one simple reason wich is to have the public vote
On it by voting for the political parties that reflect there

Offcourse by not releasing it before the election the government elected
Won't be obligated to take a decision and most likely they will wait until the next election
9. NO MORE AMERICAN PISS PLANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.29.19)
NEVER EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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