Gaza rocket fire sends children at swim event in south scrambling for protected spaces
Matan Tzuri and Itay Blumenthal
Published: 28.08.19, 22:08
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1. The nerve,,,,,
Edna ,   New York   (08.28.19)
these people got the nerve to talk about "a swimming event" when in the Gazan prison these people barely have water. The nerve,,,,,,
2. That will continue to happen .....
DSM ,   USA   (08.28.19)
until Israel's leaders take decisive action.
3. Israel allows Quatari money in for benefit of Gaza families
Sam ,   Montreal   (08.28.19)
Gaza asking for trouble and Bibi turning other cheek.
4. Your comment simply shows...
Eric ,   Montreal   (08.29.19)
...your ignorance of the situation in Gaza.
5. Israel is leaderless..weak indecisive feckless...
Al   (08.28.19)
You may have become rich but piss poor in resolve to defend your own lives.

6. who tries to murder innocent children
C   (08.28.19)
only those who hate children and life itself.
7. No evidence of rockets or where/who they came from.
NYC   (08.29.19)
8. You get what you deserve. IF we deserve Bibi, then THIS is
what follows naturally.....
We all know though, that it just doesn't have to be like that.
Thousands upon thousands of psychologically scarred kids growing up into who knows what kind of adulthood-problems.
Because Gaza was " too complicated"??!!!
That's what our Dear Leaders have been selling us for years now.
9. Not enough submarines for Bibi, to fight Gazan thugs?!!
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