South Pacific nation becomes next country to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital
Itamar Eichner
Published: 29.08.19, 14:46
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1. Joke of the year
kms ,   Jerusalem   (08.29.19)
2. "less people than my siblings"
That's not fair! You "do" emak and her sisters regularly, it's not surprising you have such an expanded "jam'ah".
3. Wonderful
Tova   (08.30.19)
It is not the size of the country or the population of the country. Jews started out as a one person nation Abraham then came Isaac, Jacob. It took 5,000 years for Israel to become a nation. And that began with King David. Later King Solomon. After Solomon died - Israel once again was divided. GOD does not choose the mighty - GOD chooses those who believe in HIM.

It has nothing to do with Donald Trump. The credit Donald Trump deserves is moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem. which no country or American President ever did. Truman recognized Israel. No president ever accepted Jerusalem as Israel's capital Trump did. Never joke or poke fun at small nations.
4. Fawzi-Every stone? Strange all excavations prove Jew heritag
Alan ,   SA   (08.30.19)
Mr. Fawzi Al Rifaaie-What u write is in your dreams...Israel is here to stay. Watch how in the next few years Israel will be recognized by almost all the Muslim States in the world..You really don't know what is going on this very hour with Israel-Arab relations. All the old Jew-haters are dying out in the M E and new demands are being made on the new young generation of leaders like M B S . Yes, it will be slow with the Muslim street, because Muslim minds have been poisoned this last 100 years., but slowly slowly they are all coming round to realize that the world is changing and they are being left behind in a morass of hate
5. #2: Emak is next to me
Fawzi ,   Dubai   (08.30.19)
but she can't talk right now due to all ports of entry being occupied
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