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Germany makes citizenship easier for Jews who fled from Nazis
Published: 29.08.19, 20:12
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1. Jews seeking citizenship of country that killed 6 miln Js
kms ,   Jerusalem   (08.29.19)
2. Look, Ma...
manic drummer ,   Haifa   (08.29.19)
...they have stupid people in Germany too!
3. germany and jews
LARRY LISS   (08.30.19)
i was stationed in west germany 1979 cold war us army lived in german town had 30 tr old german friends in the luftwaffe great people im a JEW they detested hitler and told me they and future germans must suffer for 1000 years for there fathers deeds . i sa KEEP YOUR OFFER TO TAKE JEWS IN instead BUILD AND TRANSFER 10 MORE NUKE CAPABLE DOLPHIN SUBS AND TOSS IN A FEW NEW FULL SIZE DESTROYERS NOT MINI FRIGETS
4. Are there any left?
Juha   (09.01.19)
A person who was born in 1933 turns 86 in 2019.
5. e all
David Turner   (09.01.19)
As survivors (Roosevelt and Churchill consider Germany might still win the war as late as 1943) America today appears, as surveys described the US in 1938 and on, much like Germany during the war years. A fact worth considering.
6. With Deusche Bank going under and Germany crumbling
Rivkah   (09.04.19)
under the burden of migrants who rape children, women, dogs and ponies and don't want to work, YES, Germany wants the Jews to come back and be Germans again because whenever Jews are driven out of a nation, it loses its empire status. England, Spain, Portugal are examples of this phenomenon. So Spain and Portugal are trying to get Jews to take citizenship in those nations to bring back the blessings. Germany is now doing the same.
7. Deutschland unter alles
ex Oleh Chadash   (09.11.19)
I would never accept citizenship of this country, even if they gave me money to accept it. I am disgusted with Germany. I feel contempt, and disgust for this damn country. If I had money, I would never open a German bank account either. Damn country.
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