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Poland marks 80th anniversary of start of World War Two
Published: 01.09.19, 09:26
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1. Ah yeah, that infamous attack by Jewish conspirators on the
poor, Polish nobility... :-))
2. Don't you just "know" that the rich Jews caused Hitler to
attack Poland & Europe?!
If you don't , then you're not well "informed" (like so many of today's Poles are:-))
3. Zalman, your Soviet Union was the first ally of Nazi Germany
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.01.19)
They both agreed to and attacked Poland 3 weeks apart, dividing it between themselves as well as other countries and territories in Eastern Europe
4. The once who organized Genocide of Jews ....
Mr.Reason ,   Berlin   (09.02.19)
The once who organized Genocide of Jews organized a political clown show.
Polen was on the same side of the Anglo-Saxonian axes who have conjured Hitler. In each KZ was an IBM office, many US-German corporations, like Opel, owned by G<M, have contributed to build up Hitlers Army, Poland has made agreement in 1934 with Hitler, dividing Thekhoslowakai, and the English have accepted it, as long as Hitler would move towards the borders of USSR to attack it.
Unfortunately for UK, before finally invading the nations of USSR he first turned against it's own masters, which ultimately lead to demise of the UK empire.
The fact that Poland's leadership didn't invite Russia to attend the memorial speaks for it self.
But it wont help. We will not forget who saved the Jewish nation, enabled the foundation of Israel - it was USSR under Stalin, and we wont forget the Polish genocide on Jews, which went in step with the collective west.
5. Zalman, Russian greed for an empire enabled WW2
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.02.19)
6. Zalman forgets Soviet Union wanted Israel to be it satellite
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.02.19)
This is why it voted in favor of founding of Israel in UN.

When Israel decided to be a non communist country Soviet Union started arming Israel's enemies causing thousands of Jewish deaths.

This includes KGB involvement in the creation of Terrorist PLO and military
training in Russia.
7. Commemorating WorldWar 2
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (09.02.19)
Maybe this commemoration will last until the second world war is 100 years ago,just as now with the first world war. Of course it has sense.
8. Poland
C   (09.03.19)
poland had by far the largest jewish population in europe.
the jews in poland did not have a good life. they were harassed
and subject to pogroms. they could not own land and the universities
were closed to them, numerous closus.
yet, nothing compared to the evil acts of the nazi beast.
if not for the nazi beast, the holocaust would not have occurred.
the nazis slaughtered three million polish jews and three million
polish catholics.
it is incomprehensible that to this day the poles hate the jews.
poland and israel should be friends and allies.
unfortunately, the ideology of deicide remains part of the
polish dna.
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