Netanyahu under fire after urging boycott of Israeli TV channel
Raz Shechnik
Published: 01.09.19, 20:06
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1. He did the same thing exactly 2 years ago...
It sure does seem that PM Netanyahu just enjoys showing his small slow hands as he attacks the media again and again.
It's boring.
2. Guy Peleg, the obedient doggy of the Left, posturing as a
journalist: couldn't get much funnier.
PM is 100% correct, that show is exactly what he claims it is.
3. oh how the paranoia is shaking him
doda ,   givatajim   (09.01.19)
4. I never watch channel 12
Stan ,   Israel   (09.02.19)
But thanks to Bibi I have started watching what they have to offer.
5. Isn’t calling for boycott of Israeli companies
for political reasons antisemitic? Bibi should be banned from the country for supporting boycotts.
6. All of Israeli TV channels (except20) are Jihad-enabling!!!!
7. Calling''''' fire'''''' whenever he comes on TV.
tiki ,   belgium   (09.02.19)
The always hysterical & 'breaking news' merchand Guy Peleg is the best reason to change to another program.

This HBO series is.....
A disgrace to the facts.
A disgrace to these innocent boys.
A disgrace to the IDF
A disgrace to Israel.
A disgrace to morality.
A disgrace to good taste.
A disgrace to journalism.

Hundreds of Israeli man, woman, *boys & *girls & *babies & *toddlers were/are killed by Palestinan killers....after which palestinians are celebrating..

One Palestinian 'boy" killed by stupid Israeli boys. No joy, no celebration.

Comparing this is scandalous!

But....making money is what counts,
8. HBO otherwise great outfit, has sinned big time in this one!
9. Is Netanyahu imitating Trump? Or is Trump imitating Netanyah
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