Opinion  Nahum Barnea
Israel's free press is under assault from its prime minister
Nahum Barnea
Published: 02.09.19, 12:42
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1. Making Stalin Proud...Again
miki ,   jerusalem   (09.02.19)
2. Indeed our "press" is "free" to hunt for PM's head as it
pleases, yet they have chutzpah to complain.
Despicable Guy Peleg, an "only not Bibi"-apparatchik is totally full of it, in every word he utters or writes.
3. There is no free press in Israel, left activists only
Martyne Touri ,   Tel Aviv   (09.02.19)
And the supposedly free israeli press has learnt a lot from the US press, to be a left leaning activist press. Indeed, the case against Netanyahu is basically a balloon full of air and cigars smoke. But propaganda is well, alive
And efficient, supported partly by a legal system. It reminds so much of the witch hunt harassing Trump for 2 years to end up in a miserable popped up balloon. Press will be free when objective truth will be their aim.
4. So Barnea, you are OK anti-Israel programs on Israeli TV?
Jake   (09.02.19)
"Our Boys" is a series deeply biased against Israel.
Channel 12 / Keshet not only broadcasted the show, but was involved in its production.
Yet not a word of criticism or condemnation about that.
For you, the struggle against Netanyahu is the Alpha and Omega of your career as a journalist.
5. Only a bottom feeding dictator attacks the free press.
What does that tell you about the Lame Duck sitting in the Prime Minister's office?
6. Netanyahu and media censorship
David Sade ,   Budapest   (09.02.19)
The sure road to dictatorship is the rule over the media. Netanyahu looks like is trying to follow the tools used by his good friend Orban, the Hungarian PM, who managed to overcome all opposition by silencing the media... Hopefully the citizens of Israel will not fall for these dirty tricks under the disguise of 'politics'.
7. There is nothing "free" about corporate media
Jake   (09.02.19)
Corporate media is an abomination controlled by elite special interests.

A real free press would consist of independent journalists who seek out the truth, rather than pushing a corporate political agenda.
8. Freedom of the press
Zev Taff ,   Kfar Vradim   (09.02.19)
I copied the following from the "Holocaust Encyclopedia". Please take a moment to read this:

"The elimination of the German multi-party political system brought about the demise of hundreds of newspapers produced by outlawed political parties. It also allowed the state to seize the printing plants and equipment of the Communist and Social Democratic Parties, which were often turned over directly to the Nazi Party. In the following months, the Nazis established control or exerted influence over independent press organs.

During the first weeks of 1933, the Nazi regime deployed the radio, press, and newsreels to stoke fears of a pending “Communist uprising,” then channeled popular anxieties into political measures that eradicated civil liberties and democracy. SA (Storm Troopers) and members of the Nazi elite paramilitary formation, the SS, took to the streets to brutalize or arrest political opponents and incarcerate them in hastily established detention centers and concentration camps. Nazi thugs broke into opposing political party offices, destroying printing presses and newspapers.

Sometimes using holding companies to disguise new ownership, executives of the Nazi Party-owned publishing house, Franz Eher, established a huge empire that drove out competition and purchased newspapers at below-market prices. Some independent newspapers, particularly conservative newspapers and non-political illustrated weeklies, accommodated to the regime through self-censorship or initiative in dealing with approved topics."

What is happening in our country today is extremely frightening.
9. King bibi
Oliver ,   Eilat   (09.02.19)
He may do as he wants to ,He is king bibi
10. Freedom of Speech is protected for the PM too
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (09.02.19)
Netanyahu is free to criticize whomever he wishes.
11. Bibi in the footsteps of orban,trump,rouhani,erdogan,duterte
tomer ,   jerusalem   (09.02.19)
a man fighting for his political survival.a man in fear. A pitiful picture of a once
great PM,becoming an MP (minor politician).

12. Netanyahu is so similar to...
Ac   (09.02.19)
... Trump, that's almost scary.
13. WHY !!!
GF ,   Jerusalem   (09.02.19)
Most people in the world accept as fact that the sun is hot, although nobody has ever been there.

Most people in the world accept as fact that there is no air in outer space, although no astronaut has ever removed his helmet.

WHY is it an assumed fact that all press/media is unbiased.

Based on the observations; a) the sun is hot, b) there is no air in outer space, and c) the press/media IS biased.

Just a reality check.
14. Same bibi who made a deal with free press owner Mozes
Avi L.   (09.02.19)
Same "free press" who made a deal with bibi about reducing Israel hayom distribution in exchange for favorable press over the "cigars affair" ... right!
15. Two weeks from the elections?
Boaz   (09.02.19)
Are we that dumb to know what Peleg, Barnea et Al are up to?
16. Left and free press
Larry ,   Jerusalem   (09.03.19)
I was banned from commenting on times of Israel for expressing opinions against their liberal agenda. That is freedom of the press?

Any one else banned?
17. Important
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (09.03.19)
Of course a free press, freedom of speech and expression, human rights policy, free, secret and fair elections,to be held for example, every 4 or 5 years, 1 person, 1 vote are very essential for the good functioning of a democratic,law and constitutional state, as Israel, as a good example for any other country,people and human worldpopulation. Dictatorship is crime. Crime can mean dictatorship..Look at the other countries in the middle east, these are "islam" dictatorship countries. They can learn a lot of Israel.
18. With UK arresting journalists why do you ignore? Hypocrites
You don't care about protecting journalists as if you dishonor would fight for those imprisoned in UK and elsewhere.

You are a left wing org whose got a clear agenda and have lost your journalist integrity long ago..

Only defend those who agree with you and try to shutdown opposition. This is called fascism.
19. Israeli Definition for Free Press
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto -Kiriat Gat   (09.03.19)
Free of : Morals, ethics. conscious, accountability
Press; political identity and squeeze the truth in boundary of its parameters, subjective and prejudice commentaries, and faked and play the foul game
Looking on Israeli TV , impossible to watch for more then 5 min! Shame for it? Intelligence and knowledge of most of those employed is mediocrity until ignorance( may be good for US v grade program), as well the politicians as they match the media!!!!
20. Compared to the deranged Dems in the US, we're still
relatively sane, but the similarities of these two witch-hunts are striking.
This is a coup attempt being perpetrated in front of our eyes, in broad daylight, yet so many lobotomized citizens/voters are buying into that!
Not very surprising, if one knows history (even a little)
21. 99% of Channels 11,12,13 news presenters Post Zionists
FacistLeftMediaMafia ,   Jerusalem   (09.03.19)
Whose goals are the destruction of the state’s Jewish and religious
Character and eventual Bi National State followed by a “ Moslem “!Palestinian” State
Following the self hate goals of many of their European assimilated families tat ford here from Nazi Europe because they couldn’t get into America Canada or Australia
Now their descendants take their self hate frustrations out on the Jewish Homeland abdand committed Jews..a pox on all their houses ..
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