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'Never forget,' say Jewish veterans who were proud to fight the Nazis
Itay Shikman
Published: 07.09.19, 10:06
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1. Zalman, your USSR was first ally of Nazi Germany, war crimes
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.07.19)
Red Army committed untold number of war crimes beginning in 1939 thus has a big share in causing 80 million deaths.

The 20 million Soviet deaths were caused because of Stalin's stupidity and greed to expand Soviet Empire by dividing Eastern Europe with Hitler.

This is why for two years after both powers invading and partitioning Poland your USSR supplied Nazi Germany with essential resources that allowed it to further increase Wermacht might. This enabled Nazi Germany to occupy Western Europe because Eastern flank secured because of the treaty between the two brutal dictators.

In the end comarade thug Stalin was betrayed by the only person he has ever put his trust in, fuhrer thug Hitler, when Nazi Germany invaded USSR.

This is the true history and not your NKVD/KGB disinformation
2. Great heros everyone. carve their name in gold
Gary Selikow   (09.07.19)
3. W
The USSR joined the war in 1939 on the German side, not in 1941
4. ALL jewish soldiers who fought in Red Army were real heroes.
TheWall   (09.07.19)
Unfortunately I can't say anything like that about American jews who served in US army. Because half of them did not really been in the regular army, but had army office jobs, and similar positions. That includes army duties inside US.
The rest did not experience the terrible and heavy battles of what Russian jews went thru. Not even slightest comparison between them.
5. "Two State Solution" comes to mind: what have we really
Not much, it seems.
6. mr
Steve Gure   (09.07.19)
As a holocaust survivor I am grateful to the brave wonderful people. The generation following them did not measure up. The saying "never again" is meaningless
7. Dont forget the prominentZionists who led the jewish gestapo
Adolf ganzman ,   Warsaw   (09.08.19)
in Warsaw ghetto, Lodz, Vilna ad nauseam murdering innocent Jews, forcing them into Brothels and looting their homes.
8. Don't forget Polish Home Army murdering any caught Jew
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.08.19)
9. AK saved Jews
Jess KOWALCZEWSKI ,   Montclair NJ   (09.09.19)
The Home Army saved 350 Jews from the Gesiowka prison camp during the Warsaw Uprising 1944. Most of them joined the AK in fighting against the Germans. This was not the only incident of Jews saved by the Home Army during WW2. Anyone willing to fight against Germans was welcome in their ranks. You are repeating Soviet slander already begun during the war to discredit the AK. The very people who fought against Germany were defamed as anti-Semites and fascists. Fake history continues.
10. Nothing fake about it
Jane Dobry ,   Boston   (09.09.19)
Zagiew, Group 13, Hotel Polski, Chaim Rumkowski, Jewish Ghetto Police, Abraham Gancwajch etc. Jewish chroniclers of the Holocaust wrote about them; now they are airbrushed out of history.
11. Ironic terrorist Kahane is inspiring people even today.
NYC   (09.09.19)
12. Max Erwin von Scheubner-Richter
YY201   (09.10.19)
The hidden man behind fascism.

Israeli schools should teach his story.
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