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Nasrallah is happy in Beirut while Bibi is happy in Jerusalem
Ron Ben Yishai
Published: 01.09.19, 23:54
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1. But...
Avi ,   NYC   (09.02.19)
Two soldiers died and four were injured. Until when are we going to censor these facts?
2. surreal: next time send them 2 the gym 10 rounds no pads!
because our soldiers working the Netanyahu/Nasrallah tag team by proxy is NOT the way real statesmen handle their differences of opinion.
3. Send Netanyahu into Nasrallah's cave let them duke it out...
you know "fisty cups" face to face without the intervention of armies.
Just the two of them!
I will even be gracious and let them set their own rules!
4. Gentlemen It's money time!
Since you are clearly talking and coordinating...show us how easily you two can make the peace...you know just like in the movie "The G-dfather'
5. The BRILLIANT game of Bibi, co-ordinated with Nasralla.
TheWall   (09.02.19)
It was clear from the very beginning of this micro "conflict" which Bibi cooked up with Nasralla. Idea is brilliant and that's why Netanyahu is the most brilliant PM ever.
6. ABBASSOLE HAS lost. no more stolen/diverted cash!
DAVZEE ,   BROOKHAVEN   (09.02.19)
7. Nonsense,IDF is a paper tiger
ab   (09.02.19)
8. Oh, he "understands" and that's why he shot at our troops?
9. ben yishai-what can one say
earl   (09.02.19)
several observations can be made from recent events

1- chief of staff is bold, has good ideas and is willing to take it to the adversary.

2. netanyahu only does limited responses and then runs to agreements. he makes little dent in the enemy war chest. He is governed by just obtaining quiet even if Israel is surrounded by 5 terror groups. he basically lacks guts. Bibi cannot handle an all out war with Hezbollah and Hamas. He cannot do it yesterday, today or tomorrow. Neither can gantz in my opinion.

3. lapid is unfit for office.One should support the idf going into action. if the ship needs course correction fine. To start blaming bibi during the fighting shows a lack of loyalty and a cynical journalistic motivation. lapid is unfit for the pm office.

4. a gantz, a nice man did the right thing in backing the idf and keeping quiet. Israel however does not need nice guys alone. it needs bottom line action politicians because the big war/s are around the corner.

5. Israel has to protect is arsenal at bases using trophy and iron dome. why was this not done? Hezbollah could hit every base in Israel. of course netanyahu is unaware of what it takes. the idf has to protect its assets.
so vote for other parties. vote for bennett and shaked, vote for lieberman, vote for the smaller parties. don't vote for bibi, gantz and lapid especially.
10. #7 not yet but give Netanyahu another term & it will be!
Netanyahu is going to destroy Israel. turn it into Judea and then the Arab armies will overrun the Land.
11. not interested in major war
jason   (09.02.19)
why would netanyahu allegedly tell the other side in advance that he is not interested in all out war.\it justs whets the appetite of the enemy knowing that israel is weak when alll out war takes place. netanyahu cannot stomach all out war. it is like oil and water for him.

israel had to handle just such wars in 48, 67, 73. it cannot afford to flinch. bibi flinches. gantz in my judgement flinches. vote for the other parties.

bibi saying he acted responsibly just postpones the inevitable. and there is no deterrence established.

likud should boot out bibi at the earliest opportunity.

and gantz shoujld divest himself of lapid.
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