Hundreds of thousands in northern Israel without protection from missiles
Ofer Petersburg
Published: 04.09.19, 13:01
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1. Bibi orchestrated a brilliant SHOW with Nasrallah good for..
ironbutterfly   (09.04.19)
it was clear and predictable, because the same scenario happens every time before every election in Israel, by every f... PM.
The show which Bibi has orchestrated with Nasrallah is good for both of them.
It strengthen both leaders, both are power players.
Thousands of Israeli zombies watched the never ending so called "reports" from the "field". It was a real drama loaded with hype and the thirst for blood. Perfect for israeli zombies. Enjoy.
2. What's next: Kevlar vests for all citizens, because we're
surrounded by knife wielding, wild Muslim hordes?!
The most basic task of a government, is to assure potential killers of unprecedented consequences and to stand by that promise.
It is simple and very doable,
but not to our elected, good-for-nothing politicians....
3. that's because. Netanyahu needs a private PM airplane AND
a new official PM residence.
These two purchases are already in the works so since we all know from the Prime Minister's mouth we all know that the citizens of Northern Israeli bore him.
Sadly, they are just going to have to get in line and WAIT!
But the good news is, if they move to Judea and Sameria the Prime Minister will move them up in the line.
Clearly the Prime Minister has forgotten who serves whom!
Signed: Prime Minister Netanyahu's cannon fodder.
4. Hezbollah has no missiles much less 100K.
NYC   (09.04.19)
5. Without protection
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (09.04.19)
Perhaps the Israëli government can let make a shield to stop rockets and misiles and so on to protect the Israëli people and to retaliate after terror attacks to defeat the and outside Israel.Police and the army/military better perhaps can work together within Israel and outside Israel, to defeat terror and other crime and to protect the Israëli people. Perhaps for example the United States can help to make such a protection-shield and other countries.
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