Israel says Hezbollah plans advanced missile plant in Lebanon
Published: 03.09.19, 19:43
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1. why is this in the paper
Michael ,   dc   (09.03.19)
Why is Israel publicizing this. Why is this paper reporting it. The UN is not going to to anything to stop this. They have been letting this go on for years. Israel should say nothing, destroy this facility and all others like it, and then say nothing.
Publicity is what the terrorists want.
2. stop talking and destroy any bases and plants on the ground
james   (09.03.19)
Israelis-you better vote for bennett and shaked as p. he is the only one capable of leading the idf on offense. right now we have a scared rabbit as pm who talks big but does only small stuff. his idea of victory is fooling hezbollah on casualties when he should have wiped out their precision missile assets. he has no military concept whatsoever. he ike olmert has no stomach for war.

as for gantz. get out the couch and let him sleep. he and lapid are talking withdrawal in the face of increasing Iranian Hezbollah threats. they are both incapable.

vote Bennett and shaked, vote Lieberman.

bibi is a bs artist who relies on putin and trump favors. how he lasted so long as pm shows the lack of capable people running for office. nsrollah and siwar easily outflank him.

time is short.

as for likud, dump bibi after the elections. open up competition to galant,saar and others.

3. Israel the liars said for years Hezbollah had 100K missiles.
NYC   (09.03.19)
Now Hezbollah doesn't have any missiles but are planning to build them. Believe it or not from prior lies to the truth? Anyway it would be impossible to manufacture.
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