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U.S. hits Iran space agency with sanctions over missile work
Associated Press, Reuters
Published: 03.09.19, 21:53
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1. no worry! fake Benassi assures us Iran's a "paper tiger"
Rafi ,   US   (09.03.19)
... while safely sitting removed from the scene in his Brooklyn basement pumping out bravado & right-wing vitriol under an assumed identity...
2. Dont worry,Democrat Administration will allow Iran to use
Alan ,   SA   (09.04.19)
the Cape Canaveral/Kennedy Space Facility to perfect their rockets .... and give them Billionss of $$$ Grant to develop their program.
3. Like USA, military program under guise of a cilvilian.
NYC   (09.05.19)
All space travel and satellites are an impossibility for mankind. And nobody has ever survived space and no spacecraft has ever gone to the moon or mars. Space Station total fake, space shuttles total fakes.
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