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Climate change fueled upper atmosphere gridlock stalled Dorian
Associated Press
Published: 03.09.19, 23:10
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1. Be sure: the Man-made global warming freaks will go on....
2. Man made global warming hoax serves evil U.N. plot
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.04.19)
The evil U.N. plots to use the man made global warming hoax to establish a world government and rule the world by 2030. This is not a matter of conjecture. It admits this in its 2030 Agenda. That is why U.N. "scientific" agencies have been caught, many times, faking the data to support its hoax.
3. Man made warming, man made “Palestinians”, #metoo hysteria,
all serving to distract the gullible masses from the real objective: subduing populations to Central Government (of sorts).
This is being made so much easier with technology that just begs to be misused and is being misused to survey our every move& utterance!
We’re dooming ourselves to servitude unseen yet on this planet.
4. ...The UN has a lot of states that LOSE by climate change ;)
Kai   (09.07.19)
Like, e.g. states relying on fossil fuel consumption or production.
Or those low-altitude states and islands in danger of getting submerged...

I wonder if people claiming of 'hoax!' and 'evil plot' ever were in a position having to direct a group of people- - to animate them to do something... - _anything_.
Be it in police, military, work, school, or if you just want to get silence for a speech.

... Now image what that would be, if in that to-adressed group all have their own interests and agendas, maybe don't care or even don't like you!

(This is basically the way science operates.
Everybody -politely- tries to prove you wrong.)

-Yeah, control of the 'whole world/UN' is possible, - - NOT!


(I'm probably wrong here, in this comment section.
Just couln't resist trying to spoil the 'proud non-sheeple people'.
Everybody relax- - Climate change won't kill humanity!
We're just putting stuff back, that once was in the atmosphere - So the planet will again become that violent, unpredictable storm-ridden mess it once was!)

(Editors:The article's title needs a comma for clarity. :) )
5. Give credit to climate change when it's due
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.08.19)

Climate change downgraded Dorian from category 5 to 1
6. With climate change at least they don't blame Jews 4 evrytng
7. Weather abnormalities are caused byNASA's budget that sprays
Rivkah   (09.12.19)
chemtrails all over the world to destroy the planet. Chemtrails contain microparticlized aluminum and microparticlized barium to cause Alzheimer's and Parkinson's and to make heirloom seeds and plants less able to grow so Monsanto or whatever that evil Bayer Company is called now, can sell aluminum resistant seeds. Chemtrails also contain Mycoplasm fungus to cause cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. Listen well...the antidote to Mycoplasm induced cancer and rheumatoid arthritis is 100mg Minocycline twice daily for 30 days and if there is a remission that tells you that it was Mycoplasm fungus, so take 100mg Minocycline twice weekly to maintain the remission. Take a Probiotic 2 hours after each Minocycline dose to restore intestinal good microbes.

Another thing that is causing weather abnormalities are NASA satellites with HAARP weather weapon capabilities to turn a hurricane into a superhurricane, cause earthquakes and fires. A blanket of electricity is over a city that ignites smart meters in homes and OnStar in vehicles. 50,000+ people died in Butte County, California in the fires induced there that burned from the inside of the homes and vehicle not from the outside. Radiation was left which is a tell tale sign of HAARP weaponry. The U.N. and its rabid Agenda 21 have hold of NASA's satellite for nefarious purposes to reduce the world population and destroy the planet.

Another reason for weather abnormalities is the near passing of Planet X/Nibiru/Orchus near the earth which happens every 3600 years, the last time when Moses let the Hebrews out of Egypt. The plates of the earth shift and the oceans rise and the Poles shift. An hour before the Poles shift and the Sun will then rise in the West instead of the East, there are 200mph bands of winds around the earth for an hour. Russian scientists think this will happen in Feb. 2021. Move to an elevation above 250 feet.
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