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Hezbollah facing growing criticism in Lebanon
Published: 04.09.19, 14:06
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1. "U obviously have no idea about the Lebanese men, "
Lebanon didn't have any "men" before 1943, they scrubbed the toilets and cleaned the streets for their French colonial masters. Now they are little puppets whose strings are pulled by their Iranian colonial masters.
2. THERE IS NO LEBANON. What is the point fo refueling to a
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (09.05.19)
Country that has to take its daily orders from the mullahs in Tehran?
3. Remains to be seen
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (09.05.19)
In this case it all remains to be seen. To the editors of who or what organization has written/published this message in this newspaper? Let us not forget that Lebanon is not a sovereign state anymore,with Hezbollah and Iranian sphere of influence within it"s territory.
4. This is for all y'all
through all the text I read on the area sense the 80's , (party of God, Hezbollah) was one of at least 4, if not more militia factions created during the Lebanese civil war, ( the 80's) kid nappings , assassinations, truck and suicide bombings, they didn't jump out of alleys in 2006, by the way ( party of God) has been doing in godly actions and provocation in time of peace, or stand down, which ever you prefer, kid napping, assassination of Israeli souldiers and citizens, firing the occasional barrage of rockets, yeah they're the symbol of peace, if that's peace I really hate to see what, but truth be told, y'all need tolerance, and some understanding on all sides, diplomacy, understand life is short, love it , live it , enjoy it, may peace and love be with you all and new NFL season about to kick off , let's go NYG
5. Nasrala is questioned by lebanese protesters .Time to Peace?
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