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Teaching the Holocaust in Montana
Harry D. Wall
Published: 06.09.19, 19:13
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1. Intellectual improvements by now
U1917   (09.07.19)
Explaining and revisiting the Holocaust and the events leading to it, would be an intellectual renaissance.

The 1917-1923 Europe and Munich created the hysteria of anticommunism first and antisemitism later.

It is time to teach this matters in schools.
2. Little Big Horn
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (09.07.19)
Custer went to the Little Big Horn (river) expecting to exterminate a village. A visit to the battlefield and the National Park Service lecture admits the full truth.
3. A Beautiful way to Learn
Tova   (09.07.19)
People that have suffered by hands of evil always have a better understanding of Jewish History. For peace to ever happen it begins with Jews. And when there is Peace in Israel. Peace will then spread throughout the world.

This will happen when the Messiah comes. Humanity is both good and evil.
Sadly we use the word "humanity" as if it means to be good.

Wonderful Story.
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