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Trade fair shows complexity of Syria’s role in world community
The Media Line
Published: 06.09.19, 09:08
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Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (09.07.19)
Valdi has found great donkeys in Iran and China and is using them to make more money for his inner circle. ISIS was just a great excuse to get into Syria. Russia in his entire history has always had to oppress other nations such as Ukraine and lots of other Eastern Europeans in order to survive. Ukraine is gone so VLADI took what he could which was Crimea. Now, with help of China he is basically devouring Iran and Syria. God knows how much free oil he is getting for keeping the mullahs in power there in Tehran. Arabs also have a history of siding with the wrong side. They did I side with Hitler in WW2, and it is not surprising if any of them like UAE switch sides in hopes of being left alone in case of war.
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