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Head of European Jewish Association: We're not wanted here
Alexandra Lokesh
Published: 10.09.19, 10:42
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1. Kosher meat in Belgium
Maurice Rosenfeld ,   Antwerp   (09.10.19)
This article is complete nonsense. Kosher meat is available in Flanders. The meat is imported from France or the UK but is of poor quality and very expensive.

Anyway if the authorities ban shehita please refer to din demalkuté dina.
From there to say that jews are unwanted is total nonsense.A very small proportion if jews in Belgium eat or buy kosher meat anyway
2. one thing that could help
Gary   (09.10.19)
I am Jewish myself but I really think for British/American/European Jews to take up the kudgels for muslims and African migrants is asking for trouble!
3. Kosher slaughter is inhumane!!!!
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (09.10.19)
THAT is why it's banned - and good job to! Boohoo you feel you are not welcome in Europe because you can't treat animals in an inhumane way? Answer! DON'T EAT MEAT!!! END OF.
4. If Jews have a right to pass Nationality law, others....!
kms ,   Jerusalem   (09.10.19)
5. Jesus h christ..what will it take for Jews to get a clue?
Al   (09.10.19)
You are not wanted anywhere..get the hell out of there.

Damn are we Jews stupid or what?

I'm glad my kids at least are in Israel.

I may not get there but my legacy is there and that's what counts.

Israel is the only future for us Jews.
ex-israeli ,   tx   (09.10.19)
7. Then get out!
Rephael Rechitzky ,   Toronto   (09.10.19)
If they don't want you, why do you stay there, or at least, let your young generation leave. After living for too long in Canada, I arrived to the conclusion that Israel is the best place for Jews. It is one place where you won't feel bad about being who you are. No, it is not perfect, far from it, but the best anyway. Let your people go out of the new Arab states Europe is in the process of creating. Very sad, but true.
8. Dear Rabbi, you are wanted HERE (Israel). Come Home.
Jake   (09.10.19)
And tell your community to do the same.
9. I was walking to the Kotel..........
gf ,   Jerusalem   (09.10.19)
A number of years ago I was walking to the Kotel from the area of the King David hotel. I saw some obvious tourist looking at a map and a little lost. I offered them some help, and in the end, we were both heading towards the Jaffa Gate.

We started a conversation and this Australian tourist said the following which I'll never forget. He said "you must really feel OK here in Israel". I asked him what did he mean. He said "I'm from Melbourne and I've visited the Jewish enclaves their. They're OK there, but they always seem 'on guard'. You Jews here in Israel seem relaxed and OK".

That was coming from an Australian goy!
10. begica
modrzewski victor ,   brussels   (09.10.19)
The hormonmaffia of flanders is behind those poliiticians.

They make billions by selling hormons forr the meat industry..

And once again its the jewish population that is the scapegoat.

Anyhow meat food is unhealty, espeacally in belgium
11. Learn anything from the Holocaust? Go home to Israel!
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.10.19)
Didn't European Jews learn anything from the Holocaust? Go home to Israel!
12. "making Jews feel like second class citizens"
Helen ,   NYC   (09.10.19)
You mean like non-Jews in Israel? About time. Looks like going forward it will be an eye for an eye.
13. Plants feel but not nearly as much as animals
Xavier Corday   (09.11.19)
14. Dear Rabbi you are not wanted there & “the noose” is tightng
ConfusedRabbis ,   Jerusalem   (09.11.19)
There are smart Jews and stupid Jews the latter are adamant in living in Europe despite all the endless signs something seriously psychologically wrong when young Israeli and other Jews run to live in Berlin the capital of evil ditto UK Holland Germany Hungarian Jews.. building more Chabad Centers in Europe is a travesty when it is here in Israel Jews are desperately needed ..! Dear Rabbi when will you start to save Jewish lives and encourage them to the one and only Jewish Homeland?!! You are indeed not wanted in Europe and you live in a “ bubble” that us about to burst 2,000 years of religious cultural and racist hate of Jews there is not going away why subject
innocent Jewish children to physical and psychological abuse ...
“ the noose” was tightening in pre Nazi Europe and still most Rabbis encouraged millions of Jews to remain and that was before there were an additional 20 million racist anti Semitic Moslems in Europe ...
15. The main issue?
Hal ,   Tel Avi   (09.11.19)
How can a Rabbi say "The main issue is ... whether we need to find another place to live," ?

G-d has told you the answer. Read the Torah. Learn the Rambam.

You should be in Eretz Yisrael.
16. Int.Zionism creates "antisemitism" to keep their hi-pay-jobs
TheWall   (09.12.19)
17. Foolish" European" Jews refuse once again to see the danger
Europe'sFoolishJews ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.12.19)
Staying in Europe for "the good life" surrounded by tens of millions of
Europeans who have for 2,000 years been brainwashed via the Christian pulpits anti Semitic
authors Shakespeare Voltaire etc etc etc anti Semitic sculpture and art of the Churches and Museums of Europe and now been brainwashed to hate Jews on its European Television screens "Palestinians Good Israel/Jews Bad" Europe now has 20 million Moslems and growing and is up to its
next in business deals with corrupt dictatorial Arab and Iranian Moslem
countries "Israel" the only tiny Jewish Homeland that managed to survive the original European destructions of its homeland twice in history 70 "AD" and 135 "AD" slaughtered on its soil survivors brought in slave ships to the ports of Europe and with the advent of Christianity persecuted and slaughtered those Jewish slaves forced there first on religious grounds then on racist grounds .. but still foolish Jews don't get the message and prefer degradation for themselves and worse for their
CHILDREN ...!!? The word "Jew" is still all over Europe ....a pejorative! .
Is it really worth "The good life " dear Jews ..?!!!
from their television screens "Israel Bad Palestinians Good "
18. Europe is a Single Market
Jake ,   Dallas   (09.13.19)
Belgium is tiny - saying they don’t allow kosher slaughter in half of Belgium is like saying there is no kosher slaughter in a few counties in New Hampshire. So what. All the kosher meat you need is available in Europe - from slaughterhouses probably closer than any American is to a slaughterhouse.
19. They are treated
Loretta ,   CO   (09.15.19)
worse in Muslim countries.
20. Kosher ban precursor to bigger bans
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (09.18.19)
When are Jewish communities are going to learn, the Kosher ban is a pre-cursor to bigger bans and problems. European Union is one big market economy, there is sinister plot behind Kosher ban, the European Market is taken over by muslim refugees, they are flooding the market, and every area of European Union life, their institutions, civil society. Who are the recipients of these horrid laws or bans of course its the Jews. By now you would have thought after the holocaust Jews would have learnt a valuable lesson, sadly no, they all should make Aliyah to Israel before things gets worse in Europe.
21. antisemitism
adeah   (09.19.19)
its time to come home... other than Israel there is no safe place for Jews. Antisemitism is skyrocketing everywhere and to deny it and turn your back to it is the same ignorance as was in the 30's in Germany. It will only get worse, including the USA.
22. More in israel
David ,   EU   (09.20.19)
Double as much arabs in isreal than in europe in relation
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