Violence and lies of police operation in East Jerusalem
Eyal Hareuveni
Published: 08.09.19, 23:47
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1. Another B'Tselem liar
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.09.19)
2. Ridiculous
Ed ,   USA   (09.09.19)
"As someone who goes to Issawiyyah every week, . . . ." A once a week visit makes this person an authority on what's happening in the village? Is he there at night? He knows only what people in the village tell him. Of course, they wouldn't lie. Only Israeli officials lie. Right. The naivety here is unbelievable. Why does y-net print articles like this one?
3. Who is harassing who? Campaign of stone throwing & civil
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (09.09.19)
Playing down the violence against Jews- again
4. This Article is GARBAGE
Mordechai ,   San Francisco, USA   (09.09.19)
This article is completely one-sided! I admit that the Israeli Police have to improve, but Issawiya is a VERY DANGEROUS neighborhood. You cannot claim it is journalism to ignore this fact that is never addressed.
5. Classic.
Alvah Askhenaz   (09.09.19)
There's no clean operation, only you have good cops or bad cops.
6. "Eyal Hareuveni is a researcher with B'Tselem"
Jake   (09.09.19)
I think that says about all we need to know about the value of this "research".
7. Alright, so the author thinks, fine. Move on, next...
8. The roots of anti semitism nurtured in Israel.
Ken   (09.09.19)
9. "B'Tselem": do you need to know more???????????????????????
10. open your books
Bar Star ,   Haifa   (09.09.19)
and shows us where your money come from. We already know the truth. It's disgusting that 75 years after the Holocaust we still Jewish capos among us.
11. Brave article
Joe ,   Canada   (09.09.19)
Thank you for sharing with us your work. Investigative reporting is
Long dead in israel. I hope your work will inspire others. Good luck.
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