Holocaust survivor begs PM to halt deportation of foreign worker and children living with him
Published: 08.09.19, 11:11
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1. I feel for the Holocaust survivors very much
Talula ,   Israel   (09.08.19)
But anyone here illegally NEEDS TO GO HOME!!! They are not contributing to society but taking from it - we are not a free for all - we have enough of our own who are suffering - Go home, be with your families.
2. Tough situation indeed. Hard not to get emotionally involved
but what's really irritating, is the inability (?) of the law enforcement, to find these individuals much sooner, before they manage to have Israeli born children, that go to Israeli kindergartens/schools and get to feel at home here.
On the other hand, kids adopt very fast, we all know that.
I have a suspicion they're being used to pull at our heart string for certain political purposes...
It's hard not to sound like a "cold bastard", but ....we cannot have lawlessness.
The sooner this becomes obvious, the less incentive for foreigners to stay here.
3. She and the children are not going to a concentration camp
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.08.19)
They're going back to their native country and welcome with open arms because they are rich in comparison to their relatives, after making so much bigger income for many years in Israel and spending very little.
4. Hospitality.
Alvah Askhenaz   (09.08.19)
Sometimes no one remember that israelis were foreigners in mizrahim. A Jewish State doesn't shine if his jurisprudence's source isn't acordly to the spirit of the writings. Hospitality is a charisma that exalted humanity and doesn't signify weaknesses; please don't shout the door on foreigners's faces, it's disrespectful and unnecessarily rude.
5. Remember the holocaust
And the Torah...

God commands us not to forget that we were once strangers in another land, and to receive others like we were received.

A lot of holocaust survivors are such because they were taken in by others who had no obligation to do so.

What I see today in Israel simply disgusts me. When there is another holocaust, remember what you did to other people; how you screwed up their lives because “Israel iS fOr Us”. I’ll be there to scream “hypocrites” when you whine about other countries not wanting you to flood their cities - because there is the rule of law and the country is for their citizens, right?
6. Commentators need to stop invoking the Holocaust in context
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.08.19)
It has nothing to do with illegals who are in Israel solely for economic reasons and returning them legally back to their country only means having a lower standard of living than in Israel.

When they arrived in Israel they signed a contract and agreed that they will leave after a period of time.

Now they need to honor the contract and go home.
7. Comparing today illegals to Jewish Holocaust is preposterous
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.08.19)
8. Where do you draw the line?
Rachel Singer ,   Israel   (09.08.19)
Israel is a TEENY TINY country - with very little resources. We can't even take care of our own Holocaust survivors the way they SHOULD be taken care of - there are hungry Israeli children that are not being taken care of either. We simply do NOT have the resources to take care of illegal immigrants! Let the U.S. of Plenty take them in - there is enough to go around there. Israel cannot be expected to go beyond its own limits!
9. Deport them now!
David ,   New york   (09.08.19)
Keep Israel Jewish!
10. Germany invaded Poland in 1939 80 years ago..
Al   (09.08.19)
My father was a survivor..had he been alive today he would be 94.

He survived Auschwitz

Israel was founded as a state for Jews.

It was not founded to save the world.

I feel for this man.. question does he not have a family or at least someone
who really cares?

After reading the article I get the distinct impression that this story has been told with a specific agenda.

Its political and it has absolutely nothing to do with this man.

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