Gaza rocket strikes Sderot after deadly clashes on border
Matan Tzuri, Itay Blumenthal and Agencies
Published: 07.09.19, 00:23
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1. What did PM Netanyahu have for dinner tonight?
What did he do for the people of Israel before and after dinner?
Remind me. Why are you voting for him?
2. Empyty fields again,IDF schmendriks,hoping pals'll choke on
ab   (09.07.19)
3. An empty field bombing and an empty Bibi speech
DSM ,   USA   (09.07.19)
No wonder the Arabs are no longer afraid of Israel.
4. Israel since 1948
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (09.08.19)
What is true that (many) Arabs fled or were forced to flee, from the land, which is called Israel in 1948? Can someone tell me? I know that in 1947, the Arab side rejected the United Nations partition plan,to waste a good opportunity while the Jews voted for it. In 1948 was the establishment of the democratic and Jewish state of Israel.
5. Israel starts war by faking attacking against itself.
NYC   (09.08.19)
Just to show the Arabs from where fish pish.
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