Opinion  Shimon Shiffer
Thoughts about the coming elections and questions about Israel's security
Shimon Shiffer
Published: 08.09.19, 19:59
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1. Imbecile Shiffer is senile.Thinks that Obama still in office
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.08.19)
This idiot doesn't realize that Trump will give Israel free hand in the region unlike Obama who threatened to shoot down IAF plans on the way to attack Iran.
2. Alternativity.
Alvah Askhenaz   (09.08.19)
Democracy is independence of public powers, alternating in the executive (presidents for ever don't? Don't) and at last, public opinion's control over the goverment in place of goverment control over the population.
3. Another guy who knows nothing.
Ceaser ,   Israel   (09.08.19)
It might be nice if you simply wake up.

Trump is NOT Israel's enemy; Iran and their friends, mostly those on the Left are! Trump has done everything he can to support the State of Israel. You should get your head out of the sand and then you might learn something. (In your case I doubt it)

Right now you know nothing and it shows.
4. The Imbacile is YOU
Dana ,   Las Vegas   (09.08.19)
Trump is going home in the next US election- and so is Zibi on the 17th.
5. Item 4 is already no more relevant
Avi L.   (09.08.19)
Boris Johnson has no more a majority, his ministers are resigning, his party MP are leaving his party and the finance sector declared that it prefers a red fanged Corbyn than what Mr Johnson proposes
6. no logic to any of these items
zionist forever   (09.08.19)
ITEM 1 - there is no such thing anywhere in the world where election results arre pre accepted no matter even if there is suspicion of voter fraud which could mean the difference between one party getting enough seats to form a coalition or not.
If we are going to say largest party gets the job of forming government what happens if Gantz and Netanyahu got same number, who gets the job as there is no majority?

If we say 28 day to form a coalition then the other side automatically gets the mandate then why should parties cooperate.
If Netanyahu could form a coalition but he needed Gantz why would Gantz say yes when he knows as long as he refuses Netanyahu will be unable t forma coalition and so Gantz will be given the opportunity, it means there is no incentive to do deals and if neither side is willing to deal we go to round 3.

ITEM 2 - Palestnians will never have the same rights as Israeli Jews so cannot have equality for both, even in Israel immigration laws are not equal as Jews have a constitutionl right to emigrate and gain full citizenship but not arabs.

ITEM 3 - both the left and right in Israel, Europe, arabs and America need to force the Deal of the Century on the Pals who have been refusing to talk since Obams first term.

ITEM 4 - when it comes to freedom of movement no matter who is PM the US has the final say, this is the price of military and political aid from the US.
Beggers cananot be chosers and sadly we need the US more than they need us so we need to follw their rules, Netanyahu, Gantz or anybody else who might form a government in Israel the rules of the game are the same.

ITEM 5 - how the intelligence services do their thinking is not a political issue and its not for the PM to tell the inelligence services how to do their job.
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