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Gazan's death abroad shines light on middle-class exodus
Associated Press
Published: 13.09.19, 19:11
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1. You can’t eat Jew hatred
Jake ,   Dallas   (09.13.19)
2. Israel should strongly encourage "Palestinian" exodus
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.13.19)
The growing "Palestinian" exodus from our land is a beautiful thing! Israel should strongly support and encourage it. IT is unfair that only wealthy and middle class "Palestinians" should have the opportunity to leave. All "Palestinians" should. Israel needs to help them leave!
3. criminal Israel solely responsible 4 this crime,due to siege
kms ,   Jerusalem   (09.13.19)
4. As far as I know,evil Israel,not Hamas, s besieging Gaza
kms ,   Jerusalem   (09.13.19)
5. Prayers for his family. Poor man.
Truth ,   Titusville   (09.13.19)
ex-israeli ,   tx   (09.13.19)
I left israel because i couldn't make it in a thousand years. High cost of living, expensive housing for the average israeli but cheap for foreign jews who like to park their money in israel. could not afford a car. All my life i did the right thing. served in an elite combat unit did my milueem all the time. Good technical schooling of ORT Kfar Saba. I was a top student.. Israeli economical life is very stressful i had no future in a country that I love, loved.and protected. In 1985 I made a difficult decision to move to the USA. From NY moved to Texas after 6 month. Got a great paying job, great housing with land i was on my way to success and good life.I owe everything to my new adopted state and country. Today america is my home and country.I visit israel every year but i feel like a stranger after few days i want to leave.The govt and Bibi have to make israel cheaper and reduce the cost of living so good people don't leave. Not everything is security security security. thank you for reading
7. Danny Dannon must file COMPLAINT at...
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (09.14.19)
UN Commissioner for the inept vote of countries that supported the recognition of the state of Palestine. Which no country has ever made extensive analysis about the current situation of Gaza that has no sanitary, no welfare nor a internationally recognised judicial and police system in light of this report. Therefore the official recognition of Palestine
must be sanctioned as null and void without any substantial data to support the creation of a failed state.
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