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Honors for Poles who saved Jews during Holocaust
Associated Press
Published: 09.09.19, 10:11
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1. Much better read than the usual Poland-bashing, that offers
absolutely nothing for the future of our relations with Poles.
The "but they killed us too" -crowd is correct, so is this group of noble human beings.
You & I choose what you want to bring into the future....
2. And there is another dimension
Tim ,   Brighton   (09.09.19)
Though up to 20,000 German soldiers were executed for additional...anything between 50,000 and 250,000 were executed for minor misdemeanours, defeatism and 'treachery' a euphemism for helping or showing any kindness or aiding materially enemy civilians, Jews and POWs

Sadly we shall never know the extent to which these German soldiers met their deaths helping Jews but there were possibly many of those executed who maybe just did
3. Rescuers
Wildstein Charles ,   patah tikva   (09.09.19)
An example : The Ulma family , the mother was pregnant , about to give birth , the father and their six children were murdered , ths Jewish family they were hiding too. They were betrayed
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