IDF says pro-Iranian militias in Syria attempted to launch missiles into Israel
Daniel Salami
Published: 09.09.19, 09:28
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1. Rafik the Arab hails every failure of Paper Tiger Iran as a
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.09.19)
great success.

Typical Arab bravado.
2. Thumbs up! 18 less to worry about
Talula ,   Tel Aiv   (09.09.19)
3. Israel...learn to shut up..
Al   (09.09.19)
Stop being a bunch of effin blowhearts

No one has to know what you do.. keep em guessing.
4. Attempted to launch
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (09.09.19)
This is criminal and dangerous. If Israel is attacked without a reason, it has the right to retaliate and to self-defence.Agression and crime always must be punished, before WW 3 can break out and any country and anybody looses.
5. Think the Unthinkable.
Alvah Askhenaz   (09.09.19)
There's no casualties in these attacks. What a coincidence, just when Netanyahu needs an enemy to accuse it for his incompetents poliics and push his infinite presidence in Israel. Common, get him to jail, he is governing only during the coffe breaks, isn't cooperating with the people's security.
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