Israel's basic principles of democracy must be preserved
Daniel Friedmann
Published: 09.09.19, 23:48
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1. Hypocrisy
Chuck ,   SF   (09.10.19)
How ironic that Israelis should be concerned about erosion of their own democratic values, but have no problem cheering on their best friend President Trump as he undermines those of the United States on a daily basis.
2. A la guerre, comme a la guerre
Boaz   (09.10.19)
Who started to get rid of an incumbent Prime Minister in an undemocratic fashion?
He is just retaliating with the same "values"
3. I believe the PM
one ,   Auckland NZ   (09.10.19)
I look at the way our local jewish congregation behaves and I can see what he is going through
4. even Hitler wouldn't have mined demo as long as he got what
kms ,   Jerusalem   (09.10.19)
5. Just Minister
dina ,   bar giora   (09.10.19)
Nice to see Mr. Friedman speaking up for proper government.Perhaps as Justice Minister he should have convinced the knesset to advance a constitution instead of criticizing the courts, criticism which may be partially justified but has definitely contributed to and snowballed into the mess we are witnessing today.
6. Teudat Yahadut is an offense to the Basic Principles
NYC   (09.10.19)
7. Democracy
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (09.10.19)
Democracy, freedom of speech, expression, good human rights policy, for example, must be very important to any country, people and to anyone of our humankind, 7-8 billion people, who can live in security and peace and with eachother, including Israel of course, to prevent dictatorship, war, crime and other misery.
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