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Eilat cleans up its coast in bid to save coral reef
Ilana Curiel
Published: 05.10.19, 10:08
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Now please clean the rest of the country.
2. ONLY option to protect coastline - BAN all FOOD and PLASTIC!
TheWall   (10.06.19)
You don't need NOTHING to enjoy the coastline, BUT the swimwear, piece of fabric to lie down, and umbrella. THAT IS IT !!!
Make all FOOD and Plastic ILLEGAL.
Offenders will be fined 1000 shekls.
Because if Eilat won't do exactly that, dirty israelis will do what they do the best:
3. Now Clean Up the Rest of Eilat
Jake ,   Dallas   (10.06.19)
Eilat is the ugliest city in Israel. Beautiful natural location ruined by zero town planning and zero architectural standards. The Las Vegas strip is nothing to emulate. Probably the ugliest building in Israel was that King’s City.
4. hppy for the corrals but whats good about eilat
zionist forever   (10.07.19)
Great news for the corral but when is Eilat going to lern that if they want to prosper then need to stop relying on the tourism market as their sole source of income and then moan when the tourists stop coming or the government wants to close Sde Dov.

Eillat has plenty of potential if they just made an effort to see beyond tourism and try and attract big business.
When it comes to the tousrism sector they have alot to learn there.

Get rid of the ugly flea market, provide attractions for people once the beaches have closed for the night ( not just a mini amusement park ), more hotels, cheaaper hotels.
I live in Israel and me and my wife are considring going to Eilat for a week but she waants to go to Sharm El Sheik because the prices are better, the hotels nicer and more to do.

Eilat really is one of the worst cities in Israel and its time they realised that and started thinking outside the box and investing to chnge that reality.
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