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Israel's settlers and the Palestinians they live among
Published: 14.09.19, 18:47
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1. cheap apartment: this does not exist in Israel.
ex Oleh Chadash   (09.14.19)
2. "The international community thinks..."
David ,   Hartford USA   (09.14.19)
that several dozen villages are illegal. Well then, if that's the case, then what Putin's Russia did to Crimea must really make their heads spin! He took over a region that encompasses 10,000 square miles, while the west bank is only 2,100 square miles in area.

Does the 'International Community' make any noise about what Russia did?

Does the 'International Community' make any noise about Israeli settlements?

Why is this?

Because Russia and Putin ain't Jews, that's why.

Europe, which saw the slaughter of millions of Jews, simply can't tolerate Jews being successful.

Netanyahu, would do the universe a favor by acting like the PM of Israel and telling the world that 'your opinion means nothing to us.'
3. It seem Israeli politicians have lied so much to Israelis
Ken   (09.15.19)
the truth has been lost and the Palestinians are paying the price.
I thought Jews were smart, what happened to Israeli Jews? Why did they stop thinking?
4. Jews were ethnically cleansed by local Arabs from WB 1948
This portrayal of no Jews is evil.
5. your article is absolutely crazy!
Riva ,   Betar Ilit   (09.14.19)
What in the world are you talking about! firstly, most of the people living in these "settlements" are very zionistic! it's not stealing and the real estate happens to be very expensive! that fact that there are 130,000 people doesn't speak to you ynet! your whole article is very demeaning and insulting towards such a large population of people, most of whom are the most loving for the land of Israel, serve in the IDF and pay taxes, too! The land is legal! just go back to the San Remo accords of 1928.
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