Netanyahu says Israel will annex Jordan Valley if he wins reelection
Published: 10.09.19, 18:41
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1. This is the right time as Pals will never conclude peace
Alan ,   SA   (09.10.19)
with Israel.Forget the old old Oslo Story. It is 1990s vintage., Before ISIS, and Syrian Civil War Before Iran takeover of Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Before Rockets from Hezballah and Hamas.Before Gaza unending riots and fires. Before daily murders and stabbings of young women.. IF a Democrat President is elected, he must find everything a fait accompli in Jan 2021.because it will be downhill from then for Israel, given the new USA demographic picture. I dont believe Jordan, Gulf States Egypt and Saudi want a Pal West Bank.. Israel will have to rely on itself. So establishing a strong foundation is neccesary
2. Pals will make big deal but it's just public relations.
Sam ,   Montreal   (09.10.19)
Palestinians want all of Israel so their fake anger is just for the media and diplomats.
3. Election gimmick, it means nothing in teal terms
kms ,   Jerusalem   (09.10.19)
4. About damn time! Temple mount is next!
David ,   Hartford USA   (09.10.19)
The Hagai Sophia was the largest church in the world when the Muslims confiscated it. Now Erdogan is talking about making it an operating mosque. If the world doesn't care about Turkey's abuse of the sacred-to-Christianity church, then it shouldn't have anything to say about Israel taking back the sacred-to-Judaism Temple Mount.

What? It's okay for Muslims to take another religion's sacred building but it's not okay for Israel to do the same? Now why is that?
5. Applying Israeli law in the Jordan Valley, in the widest...
N.K. Shlomzion   (09.10.19)
...meaning of the term, is the right move: historically, morally, and legally. Let us hope that the next government shall, indeed, implement this policy.

P.S. Blue and White has stated that this is its policy as well, which is only an indication that there is a consensus in Israel that the Jordan Valley must be part and parcel of the sovereign State of Israel.
6. Jordan Valley
Michael ,   dc   (09.10.19)
As predicted the Palestinians come back with their same tired line that this announcement "destroys the Peace Process." The simple truth is that there is not and never has been a Peace Process, because the Palestinians do not ever want peace with Israel under any circumstances.
They have rejected every proposal Israel has ever made, because they cannot ever accept any proposal that results in Israel surviving as a Jewish State within any boundaries. They announce every day that no matter how much land Israel returns, they will never abandon their goal of destroying Israel and killing every Jew in Israel. What kind of Peace Process is this?

The Palestinians have declared never ending war on Israel and the Jews. They do not get to whine and complain if Israel and the Jews refuse to cooperate and go quietly to their deaths. I guess they do get to whine and complain but so what. Let them.

The Palestinians have forgotten the first rule of deciding to wage war: You might lose. Israel reminded them of that rule today. Good.
7. Benjamin Netanyahu
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (09.10.19)
Maybe this is the beginning of something good.
8. why did the election committee allow this? this campaigning!
9. Netanyahu's latest campaign speech is:
Is the speech of a desperate man, it is empty as the wind!
10. Netanyahu a desperate man clutching at straws
11. Well, can't you see that's the last act of a desperate man?
"We don't care if it's the first act of 'Henry V,' we're leaving!"
(from the movie "Blazing Saddles" 1974)

This quote is especially applicable at this time to Netanyahu.
12. benentt for defense minister, shaked for pm
ray   (09.10.19)
so long as either bibi or gantz pm, nothing substantial will be done to seriously damage enemies. the dna of both lack the will to go for the throat. the former is mostly a bs artist and the other a passive general.

bennett is clearly cut out to lead defense along with shaked. vote survival with shaked and bennett.
13. I like that slogan-PEACE PROCESS...LOL
Alan ,   SA   (09.10.19)
14. You cant annex what is already yours. Mandate un charter..
A   (09.10.19)
15. Annex Now!
Ledas ,   near los angeles   (09.10.19)
Thank you, PM Netanyahu!

16. JUST DO IT .
Ike NIKE ,   SAFED HONESTY   (09.10.19)
Robert ,   Israel   (09.10.19)
This is not the first time (nor the last) that Netanyahu makes a promise that after he won't fulfill.
18. Annexation=END of the road to 65% "jewish" state..
...and creation of a NEW BETTER state, A REAL Arab-Jewish state.
Annexation means adding at least 3 Million new Palestinians as israeli citizens.
There are no options. Israel is in "catch-22" situation which it itself created.
The ONLY exit out of catch22 is admitting that "jewish" state is hardly jewish with only 65% jewish population. Everyone in Israel knows at least one person who has recently moved to either Toronto, Berlin, NY, Shanghai, Mumbai, Portugal...etc. Israelis are no longer willing to stand the dramatic events that dirty israeli politicians create, inside Israel and around its borders. There is a better and calmer life anywhere else. Israel will never be a "jewish" "homeland". It does NOT exist.
19. If he promises to do that, he will do just that. No doubt!
20. WB contains all palestinians
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (09.11.19)
will our hostile neighbours become Israelis, just before the refugees do yhe same?This Bibi -Trump plan me be our demise. We don't even let Ethiopians live here.
21. "Promise her anything, give her Arpege" perfume covers BS!
because this here campaign promise smells of another phony campaign promise!
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