Netanyahu annexation pledge dims hopes for Palestinians
Associated Press
Published: 11.09.19, 10:59
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1. Be honest.World leaders want the end of our Jewish State
Alan ,   SA   (09.11.19)
"so any measure that adds security to Israel is not acceptable to them. The Jordan Valley is the sine qua non for the defense of Israel from the Eastern side. These days against Iran and ALL its proxies. .Even Rabin said so.
In any case how long more must the so-called PEACE PROCESS carry on processing???
2. Netanyahu"s decisions and plans
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (09.11.19)
He has to make decisions in a country threatened by "islam"and war. Those (politicians) who slam him are not in the same situation and circumstances.They can easily talk and criticise. Netanyahu fights for the existence and survival of Israel and the Israëli people and that is his very good right. Of course the Israëli people will make their own decision in the next elections.
3. Let's hear Pals+West say 2 states includes a Jewish state.
Sam ,   Montreal   (09.11.19)
Let the Palestinians stop jerking everyone around and clearly and openly say that the 2 state solution includes a Jewish state. Otherwise, this the kind of Israeli response they are going to get.
4. "World leaders are denouncing Israeli Prime Minister..."
C   (09.11.19)
there is no essence to the two state solution. the world leaders made
sure of that. the umma made sure of that.

as usual, the west is being blackmailed by the fifty seven muslim states.
but they need not even need to be blackmailed. it is sufficient
that they revert to their old well established jew hatred.
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