Liberman: Netanyahu likely to form his 'messianic-haredi government'
Moran Azulay and Yuval karni
Published: 11.09.19, 11:57
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1. Lieberman speaks like a real Jew hating racist.
tiki ,   belgium   (09.11.19)
How dare he!

Religious Jews & Haredim have as much rights to be & live in Israel as a Jewish bouncer from Moldova having to flee Jew hate & racism.

He should stop scapegoating fellow Jews with messianic messages a.s.a.p.

It's disgusting.
2. People are fed up
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (09.11.19)
What's the point in voting? We voted 6 months ago - look how that turned out - now we have to do it again - KNOWING it's going to be exactly the same fiasco as last time. I'm seriously thinking about not voting - what's the point. This country has nothing to offer anymore - it's all downhill from here :(
3. Spelling error
Andrew ,   Toronto   (09.11.19)
The last sentence should read: .... none of the country's pressing problems....
''countries'' is a plural noun, and without an apostrophe, it indicates that it is not related to the noun succeeding it.
4. Liberman, enabler of left-wing governments
Jake   (09.11.19)
He pretends to be on the right, but he is the primary destroyer of right-wing governments.
Walks like a hawk, talks like a hawk, but acts like a duck.
5. One single term of leftist rule creates permanent damage
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.11.19)
Liberman has emerged as a destructive leftist. It gives me no pleasure to say this. Like many, I once had far better hopes for him. But Liberman has long betrayed Israel, and he continues to do so.

History proves that even one single term of leftist rule creates permanent damage to our sole tiny Homeland. The thousands of Israelis maimed and murdered by Labor's Oslo did not spring back to life when Labor was defeated. Labor has not ruled Israel for decades, but the terrorist P.A. it created, still torments Israel. The guns Labor gave "Palestinian" terrorists are still used to murder Jews. Our lands, which Labor insanely gave to our mortal "Palestinian" foes, are still hotbeds of murder and terror. Nothing is more important than creating a rightist patriotic government.
6. Lieberman is all about personal power
David ,   New york   (09.11.19)
Israel is better off without him
7. What's wrong with being Messianic?
Jake   (09.12.19)
The Messianic era is characterized as an era of peace and a perfected society. Liberman the hate-monger should use a different word to disparage religious Zionists. Messianic is a compliment.
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