Opinion  Nahum Barnea
Netanyahu's dash off stage was a victory for terror groups
Nahum Barnea
Published: 11.09.19, 16:56
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1. Fake News helping the enemy. Bibi did not rush off stage.
Jake   (09.11.19)
He stood and tried to calm the crowd. His secret service detail forced him out.

Watch the videos, instead of trusting the fake news.
2. One thing's for sure: Nahumk'e was celebrating! Actually:
a very good timing. Thanks Gazan thugs!
I hope the clueless Sderot stops voting for this "indispensable" PM.
Vote: Ayelet -sexy-Almond!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. Imbecile Barnea would have stood there motionless during
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.11.19)
4. good call by Barnea. Bibi could have insisted on staying..
Rafi ,   US   (09.11.19)
... despite his security guards.

classic counterpoint: de Gaulle in his famous return march to Paris in 1945 some stray bullets were shot @ him but he refused to run off & hide...

message from Ashdod: Bibi is & has always been all about taking care of himself
5. Come on folks...
Seriously?   (09.11.19)
What victory for terror groups? He's the Prime Minister - whether you like him or not. OF COURSE he was rushed to safety... What does one expect? Sirens go off, bombs fly by, and the PM just stands there. Do you have a death wish? Didn't others go off to shelters? Come on... this is just a junk news piece. I don't care what party a government official is - their safety must be assured.
6. what a puny victory, as always
C   (09.11.19)
those thugs still have no state, no economy, no well being, nothing.
the tiny bit they have is due to the existence of the hated jewish state.
7. bibi's guards advised him to go off stage
hal   (09.11.19)
bibi was advised first by his guards to get off stage to safe location. As pm he has security to protect the office and him.

Yes, it would have been better for bibi to stay and hunker down on stage. Bibi falls into line, does not go to extremes and listens to security advice even if it is against his political interests.he looked weak and cowed.

for example instead of devising an smart comprehensive campaign against hamas, he makes do with band aids which do not make a dent in terror.He is not a heroic figure, he is not able to go all the way blood and guts.

yes it would have been much better for him to stay in the hall and tough it out. he also has personal fears, that is for certain.

not to single him out, I read where ashkenazi left another venue for the same reason. so don't get your hopes up.

lapid and gantz would likely have been ushered out just like bibi.

i don't have any argument that bibi is a weak man, a brilliant operator but a weak man.

Israel's policy vis a vis hamas is paying ransom with ineffectual responses. Bennett and lieberman were correct about it. gantz and lapid essentially lined up behind bibi. lieberman though, had his chance at defense. he turned out to be bibi no 2.

so vote for bennett. don\t listen to the media. vote for bennett and shaked.
8. replace bibi with a leader who will resume targeted killings
9. Cutting off Israel's nose to spite Netanyahu's face
Jake   (09.11.19)
The Bibi-bashing has reached such a level that Lapantz, Barnea, and the rest of the "anyone but Bibi" crowd actually gloat about Hamas rockets on Israel as long as it makes Bibi look bad.

Anyone who watched the video can tell that Netanyahu did not "run away", but was merely whisked off stage by his security detail, standard procedure for protecting a national leader in such situations.
But Lapantz and Barnea see only the doctored footage cooked up in their mind.
10. Of course it was a terrorist victory.
DSM ,   USA   (09.11.19)
The terrorist continue to be victorious because Israel has an up coming election and Bibi will not do anything of substance as to not lose a vote from hawks or lambs. And if he wins again the IDF will continue to bomb empty warehouses and Bibi will continue to give grand speeches. Of course if Ganz should win Israel will just hand the keys to their major cities to the Arabs.
11. This is so NOT news...and nobody is going to remember it!
Shachar ,   Eilat   (09.12.19)
I despise Bibi more than most but this is not news....nothing happened. The PM went to a secure area during a missile attack...millions of Israelis have been doing it since before independance. It's part of life here and probably will be for the forseeable future. That Bibi helps Hamas get the rockets...now that is a different story!
12. End the embargo to gaza
Pedro Silva ,   Lisbon   (09.12.19)
It is that simple. Israel should allow gaza to trade with th. E rest of the world. Israel should end the embargo against gaza. It did not work. Violence has been going on for 13 years now. The situation in gaza is dire. What is the end game? The overthrow of hamas? A pa government? That would not benefit israel. Israel has no strategy beyond bombing targets and calling hamas terror organization. The pa in gaza would not benefit israel.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (09.14.19)
Now, you want to act like looney mullahs and say that BB should not be afraid of becoming a martyr and that BS, then you are using this to smear his name only. US or any normal country would follow the same protocol.
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