Arab leaders condemn Netanyahu's West Bank annexation plans
Associated Press, Reuters
Published: 11.09.19, 15:20
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1. Saudi King Abdullah condemned Israel from the grave?
Jake   (09.11.19)
2. If useless and impotent Arab League cares they should create
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.11.19)
a country for them in the vast lands they own
3. This is wrong
It will increase antisemitism in the Diaspora, it goes against decades of U.S. foreign policy; greater Israel is no different than "from the river to the sea" ftom the Palestinians.

There is an occupation of West Bank and this is Not the way to handle it. As a Jew and American, deeply concerned. Thr U.S. gives 10 million a day to Israel and this should not be supported, it is not in the best intetest of either Country.
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