Netanyahu says no choice but to overthrow Hamas
Published: 12.09.19, 10:16
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1. Election talk and whose children will do it?
2. Decapitate Hamas
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (09.12.19)
Bibi is doing great, he really should decapitate all of Hamas leadership and apparatus, and repatriate all their families and relatives to Jordon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia or some African Countries. Hamas should be purged, and totally eliminated. They are a recurring tumour which needs to be cut off from the roots.
3. Truth is, Hamas=Bibi's Best Friend.Imagine there is no Hamas
TheWall   (09.12.19)
4. If Hamas disappears a far more radical group will appear
kms ,   Jerusalem   (09.12.19)
5. WOW! that's news........
doda ,   gm   (09.12.19)
6. electoral lies or coming to his senses?
either way, to find out vote him out. other leaders have come to same conclusions and will walk the talk he is not capable to.
7. Obliterate this vermin Hamas
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (09.12.19)
Bibi should obliterate lock stock and barrel this vile vermin Hamas, they have no conscience. They the moslem's are obstacle to peace. They will never negotiate peace with Israel, they just want to exterminate all Jews and want whole of Israel without Jews. Surely Bibi knows, you cannot give even an inch of Israeli land. The Land given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as an eternal inheritance by Almighty Holy One of Israel. Anyone who divides this land land will be cursed and wrath of God will be upon him.
8. Bibi: "No choice but to overthrow Hamas"
barbara ,   Haifa   (09.12.19)
It's about time. Even past the time. Hope it is not an empty threat.
9. To overthrow "islam" hamas
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (09.12.19)
An understandible plan, But when hamas is destroyed,plenty of other enenies of Israel remain, the criminal"islam" worldcaliphate, more than 50 countries, about 2 billion. They all can be considered as enemies of Israel (and the rest of the free world).They all must be defeated, to do the job completely.
10. netnayahu will not overthrown hamas
manny   (09.12.19)
if one decides to overthrow hamas, one doesn't imply or announce it beforehand you dunce!

second, bibi doesn't do major operations. his record is clear.

having said this, gantz and lapid certainly would not do it either.

vote for bennett and shaked. also vote for someone who willnot be suckered by russia. bibi collapses under any kind of putin or trump pressure.

vote for bennett and shaked.
11. bibi and gantz
morty   (09.12.19)
just as bibi is full of crap on his intention to annex jordan valley and to overthrow Hamas eventually, gantz is full of crap on his policy of invading gaza. he was a disaster as chief of staff during the gaza war. he was utterly defensive and passive. he also uses like bibi useless terminology to justify doing next to nothing. he was a poor choice of chief of staff and he would be a lousy and weak pm just as bibi is.

both are weak men. they hedge, obfuscate, stall, look for permission from mandelbilt and trump-they are both terrible choices to the pm office.

vote for bennett and shaked.
12. More fake rockets, fake incendiary balloons, fake kidnapping
NYC   (09.12.19)
fake riots, fake tunnels, what next to justify showing Arabs from where fish pish, maybe the theft of utensils for the kibbutz dining hall.
13. Bolton's photo has him giving evil eye to Trump.
NYC   (09.12.19)
Why is that photo accompanying this article? and why is he giving a fellow mason the evil eye?
14. Electoral fake
Avi L.   (09.12.19)
He did nothing excepted paying hamas
15. Hizbollah in Lebanon !.
Arn.Sweden.   (09.13.19)

16. Yes, leveling Hamas (and big parts of Gaza) with the ground
Manitou   (09.14.19)
should be the thing for us to do,
that much is obvious to even the moderately
gifted people.
That's theory.
In practice, nobody has formed (and made it public)
a plan for the day after.
Going in, obliterating the thugs in Gaza
with relatively very small losses for our forces is a doable thing , we know that.
Yes "our children" have to do the job,
that much we're aware of as well.
It's only because "our children"
(a demagoguery applied every time some politicians want to scare us into submission)are on guard day& night that we
have any real chance at existence here in Zion.
Yes, "Bibi" is full of it, when he regurgitates this promise/threat(?) once more.
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