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Christian evangelicals harvest land in settlements Israel hopes to annex
Published: 14.09.19, 09:49
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1. Christ worshipers also predict a huge Holocaust 4 Jews, as
Assaf Yagori ,   Haifa   (09.14.19)
according to prophecy, all Jews will perish except 40,000 who would accept Jesus as their Lord & God
2. 4 evangelicals, redemption of Jews means their extermination
kms ,   Jerusalem   (09.14.19)
3. Evangelicals coaxing gullible Jews 2 worship a false God,Jes
Dudu Baraam ,   Haifa   (09.14.19)
4. Elections bring out the craziest supporters.
Ken   (09.14.19)
5. "Evangelicals from the US as migrant farm labor."
Porky Sherry obviously missed the frequently used word "volunteer" in the article, perhaps whilst licking a stray donut crumb from the floor.
6. Certainly in many aspects they're better "Jews" than Israeli
Manitou   (09.15.19)
voters supporting Meretz.
7. Yes in their hearts they are missionaries but harmless
FriendlyChristians ,   Jerusalem   (09.15.19)
And mean well ...and they know we that we know ....don’t see any “ mass conversions” in the near future ...the local Arab Greek Orthodox Christians and Armenian Christian are absolutely Jew haters these Christian counter them
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