Netanyahu holds final cabinet meeting before vote in Jordan Valley
Associated Press
Published: 15.09.19, 15:07
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1. why doesn't he just go into exile already?
2. This man is obviously hysterical, he lacks mental equanimity
KMS ,   Jerusalem   (09.15.19)
3. Lame Duck PM & Cabinet fooling only themselves.
we the people know the truth
4. Nice election maneuvering, hopefully to be fully implemented
Manitou   (09.15.19)
5. trump plan
martin   (09.15.19)
i believe pm is lying about proposed Palestinian state in USA plan. He has considered it before under kerry and obama. he is the last person to be trusted on this as he wilts under any kind of pressure.

vote for bennett and shaked.

do note vote for netanyahu.
bibi's last gasp jordan valley and usa defense treaty are all stunts to keep him out of jail where he is likely going.

he is a drag on the idf military. i personally believe soldiers have no confidence in him because he radiates his own fears onto the Israeli public.

enough of him-vote for bennett and shaked.
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