Why you should vote for me
Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz
Published: 15.09.19, 14:37
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1. 24 hours a day???
Zak ,   Tel Aviv   (09.15.19)
Gantz's resume that he felt necessary to share with us includes NO political experience - so, he WAS parachuted into the position. 24 hours a day? How many day a week?

"a broad based unit government"? He already refused a unity government.

And I can just picture this Gantz the virgin with Trump, Putin, and Modi. On second thought, I can't.

Education? Hospitals? The elderly? Disabled? ---- Nice list... What an ass!
2. Ganz policy is=EARN WHILE YOU LEARN
Alan ,   SA   (09.15.19)
3. Relying on the US president who has 38% of public support
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.15.19)
and dropping, who is Netanyahu kidding?
4. Heard today:"I'm fed up with looking at Bibi, I want someone
Actually I hate his wife even more...!"
----and THESE people have voting privileges ????????!!!!!!
Democracy is a bitch
5. Don't vote for Gantz !!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.15.19)
6. Vote for Shaked and Bennett !!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.15.19)
7. why not to vote for gantz or bibi
beryl   (09.15.19)
Bennett in an interview was reported to have said the following:

'On June 30, 2014, I told the Cabinet that there were about 32 terror tunnels from Gaza into Israel and asked what the plan was. I presented a preventive plan that the IDF should have presented. Gantz opened his mouth and said we don't need to worry about it, that they won't use the tunnels. We're going to allow a person like this to bear the responsibility for Israel's national policy? Netanyahu is also culpable to a degree because he was the prime minister at the time. But if the IDF Chief of Staff and the Defense Minister don't present a plan how can we expect differently from the prime minister?'

stop playing games. do not vote for netanyahu or gantz. simply put, they both are not good at security. in fact, bibi should never hold a security portfolio.

if bennett does not get defense, he should walk away from likud in the coalition, whatever that entails. bibi is next to incompetent in security.

he wants a defense treaty with usa??? Only an ignoramus or a coward would ask for such a treaty.. ask the saudis what good their treaty with the usa is now while their oil wells are on fire.

yaalon was 100% right in saying Israel would not have been able to hit osiraq or syrian reactor if they had a treaty with the usa who would veto it.

vote for bennett and shaked.
8. Israeli elections
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (09.17.19)
I do not give a voting advise. Let the Israƫli people decide who becomes their Prime Minister and government and their members in the Knesset. That Israel is a Jewish and democratic state is a good thing.
9. post-zionism at work
Shira   (09.18.19)
How often does the word "Jew" appear in either of these guys' pitches?

Neither of them are interested in Israel being a Jewish state other than in a racial sense. One of them is possibly more determined than the other to divorce Israel from Judaism as much as he can.

So I guess the U.N. was right and Zionism is racism. Hard to explain what they're talking about otherwise.
10. It is sad that so many Israelis were fooled by Gantz
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.18.19)
It is sad that so many well meaning, good patriotic Israelis allowed themselves to be fooled by Gantz. Throughout his career, Gantz has never done anything well. He was a very weak and disastrous military leader. He is a leftist politician masquerading as a centrist. His Blue and White Party is a fake abomination crafted by two soulless opportunists solely to gain power. We have to conclude that the endless demonization of Bibi, by the left, had its desired effect. It is the only factor explaining the rise of this absolutely unworthy politician.
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