Iran will still exist the day after Israel's elections
Amos Yadlin
Published: 15.09.19, 23:28
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1. It sounds great to spend the money on roads and schools
Andy   (09.16.19)
butif these roads and schools are nuked what do you haveleft?
2. Cherry girl on FB imagines a scenario then demolishes it
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.16.19)
All for playing mind games with herself
3. We've got North Korea, Iran, G-d knows who else...
Voi Vod ,   Pick One   (09.16.19)
arming to the teeth and doing their damndest to acquire nukes and back here in the West, there is much confusion over which bathroom to use.

Tell me how this turns out well.
4. Mark Sherry can make us stronger
DSM ,   USA   (09.16.19)
I always smiled after I read your posts, kind of like smiling when someone says something that is so far wrong. But after your comment about the U.S. not having schools, roads and drinking water, I have come to believe you are a complete idiot.
5. Opinions on YNET
Yossi ,   TA   (09.16.19)
There are too many OPINIONS on YNET, and not enough CREDIBLE NEWS.
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