Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Netanyahu once thought Jordan Valley settlements were dispensable
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 15.09.19, 21:08
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1. Ben Yemini's source? A tweet by Martin Indyk
Jake   (09.15.19)
who has shown utter contempt for Israel in general and Netanyahu in particular.
Indyk was not privvy to internal Israeli government discussions and he shouldn't pretend otherwise.

Kerry's plan is immaterial, since Abbas rejected it.
Netanyahu didn't sign off on it, though he may have paid lip service to it to get Obama and Kerry off his back.
Netanyahu evidently discovered that the only way to ride out the Obama storm was to at least give the appearance of being open to compromise.
In the event, it was Abbas who torpedoed the plan, and Netanyahu was able to avoid further pressure to concede by citing the obvious fact that there is indeed no partner for peace.
2. Indyk shows NO understanding of Israeli gov't decisionmaking
Jake   (09.15.19)
"Blue and White’s Bogie Ya’alon, as Bibi’s Defense Minister, vetoed the Allen Plan, NOT Bibi. Bogie also forbad Gantz from discussing the plan with US officials."

No, Mr. Indyk, the Israeli Defense Minister alone does not "veto" the Prime Minister.
If a decision is made to veto, it is made by the Cabinet, which includes the PM.
The DM cannot simply override the PM during negotiations.

Netanyahu showing an "interest" in the Allen Plan is NOT the same as agreeing to it!
3. Before 1981 Begin showed interest in negotiating with Syria
Jake   (09.15.19)
In Begin's own words, he considered peace talks should be based on agreeing on a partial withdrawal on the Golan and the establishment of a new border with Syria.
However, in light of Syria's implacable hostility and intransigence, Begin decided to move forward with annexation of the entire Israeli-controlled Golan Heights and take that card off the table once and for all.

In short, it is irrelevant what ideas one shows "interest" in.
It is only what one does that counts.
4. netanyahu a born liar
merill   (09.15.19)
sadly, netanyahu lies small and big. worse, he is frightened into concessions. he cannot hold firm on anything except domestic politics. Against any foreign adversary , he chases ceasefires covered up by nonsensical smooth sounding adjectives.

he does not act in any way that can be described as brave. more often than not he runs to his dear friend mr president trump or Vladimir in an obsequiously slavish manner.

i do not believe in most of what netanyahu says. likud should throw him out yet half of likud are gutless sycophants especially shteinitz.

since i cannot vote for olmert clone lapid who is dumb in security as his patron, the master of concessions, and since i cannot vote for gantz for his role as chief of staff in the gaza war, i vote for bennett and shaked.

why don't you Israelis vote for bennett and shaked. make him pm. he will dissociate from smotrich and peretz after his election, and join with the balance of likud, other right parties and half of gantz's party and yaalon to lead the state.

incidentally, bibi was behind concessions on Jordan valley. now he says otherwise. he is a bullsh*t artist.the reason for him offering the Jordan valley in my opinion was because he could not take pressure from obama. he cannot take pressure from any significant foe or friend. he is a weak man period.
5. Thank you Jake for correcting historical/political record
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.15.19)
6. Indik has been a meddler for years now...and a liar.
deavman ,   Naariya   (09.15.19)
7. Hmm, so the military must be the ones deciding if political/
Manitou   (09.16.19)
national interest of People of Zion are 'sound" & defensible?!
Well, in that case: let's pack our back and go back to Galut, because sure as hell, our return to this Land was absolutely indefensible , crazy and dangerous beyond any imagination!
Oh, there's that word: "imagination"....
8. Indyk another enemy of Israel based on actions and words
9. netanyahu, smotrich, peretz and bennett
ake   (09.16.19)
smotrich, peretz and bennett produced a map showing a pal state surrounding and choking jewish settlement. this allegedly from trump teams's reported peace plan. regev answered for bibi disputing its implications.

they aside from bibi, are all concerned its implications which are obvious to anyone. is it not obvious to you. bibi is in my opinion lying. he will fold like a cheap suit before trump saying, he the slave, has to bow down and agree with his master trump.That is my judgement.

smotrich, peretz and bennett should be worried. watch what happens after the election if bibi cobbles a coalition together. then you will see bibi become the oslo fellow.

Israel is of course subject to all kinds of pressure. instead of making physical concessions, the formula should be reversed. all the concessions in the world will not satisfy the other sides. they want 48 reversed and they say so.

it is time to vote for the smaller parties and make them candidates for the top job. shaked and bennett, lieberman, labour-anyone but bibi and gantz.

FO ,   Belgium   (09.16.19)
All this is sterile claptrap! Ben Dror Yemini, have for once the courage and give me a straight answer about the following: why must the League of Nations' Mandate for Palestine, that gave the Jews the IRREVOCABLE RIGHT to settle between the Sea and AT LEAST the Jordan River, including the Golan Heights in order to create their independent state REMAIN CLASSIFIED? Why must ARTICLE 80 of the United Nations' Charter, that reaffirms ALL League of Nations' decisions, including of course the Mandate for Palestine remain classified? I'm waiting for you answer!!!
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