'You're racist garbage,' says Arab MK to his far-right counterpart
Published: 16.09.19, 13:53
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1. White Supremacist with,,,,
Edna ,   New York   (09.16.19)
Hebrew fantacies.
2. 25K Israelis were killed in war & terror 99.99% by Arabs.
NYC   (09.16.19)
800K Jews who were for the most part expelled from Arab/Islamic countries came to settle in Israel. Who exactly are the racists?
3. It's true. Tibi has pictures of Arafat in his Knesset office
Jake   (09.16.19)
4. Interview
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (09.16.19)
It is idiotic that that Tibi guy began to use abusive language against Smotrich during the interview.In such a case, it Always is wrong to do that. Are Tibi and other "islam" Arabs loyal to Israel? Otherwise a one way trip to Mecca is better.,even if it is about in total 6.5 million "islam" Arabs, kick them out or deport them to Mecca. They also must adapt themselves in Israel.
5. supporter of ethnic cleansing/terror calls others racist?
And ynet supports their narrative...
6. 100s of cases in West of Muslim/Arab drs harming jews...
7. Here's my opinion as an Israeli from muslim background
Israeli   (09.16.19)
Tibi is a traitor and criticises israel. He does not represent me or anyone. Smotrich is too extreme. Barak already was prime minister, we need new faces. I'm Voting for Blue and White. I believe in Gantz and his policies. Some of family are voting for Blue and White while others for Likud.
8. garbage meets garbage
steve ,   beer sheva   (09.16.19)
9. Eeverything else insignificant compared to inciting voilence
John   (09.17.19)
Who gives a shit that a woman wants someone from her
religion to deliver the baby!? What the actual hell??

Tibi supports voilence against
the citizens of his government, this should be the center
of discussion
10. Ah politicians and their big mouth wives litany of disaster
Shhhhhhh!! ,   Jerusalem   (09.17.19)
History sadly is filled with ‘em ...
11. Better than the WWE
Eliyahu Konn   (09.17.19)
Here you have two of the biggest wackos, both racist, both extremely dangerous. And you and the arabs vote them into rule over you. Who then is the craziest and most racist, they or the voters who vote them in?
12. quite correct
doda   (09.17.19)
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